Hello, sweeties! How are you? I'm very excited today because I have been testing a wonderful product and I couldn't wait to share this with you.
Today's chat is about germs and bacteria, rather how to get rid of them by sterilizing your beauty tools.
You know, germs and bacteria are everywhere and we must coexist with them. In a way, our immune system is prepared to battle most of the germs and bacteria and get away with it. But in our modern super-hygienic lifestyle, the truth is that our immune defences have become more delicate, bacteria have become ultra-resistant and some nasty bacteria can end up getting us really sick! Especially our children and elderly.
Also, with our recent efforts to reduce waste, more and more people are trying re-usable beauty and grooming tools that are washable, but is washing enough to get rid of bacteria? NO! it isn't! That's why sterilizing has become so important in our modern households!!
Today I'll be reviewing for you the fantastic SUNUV Sterilizer Box*, which that sterilizes using UV light, making this process a total piece of cake!

Sterilising at home

In a household, as clean as it can be, there many tools that can become a breeding ground for bacteria and germs, starting with your usual beauty and grooming tools.
If you go to hairdressers, to a nail technician, or to a dentist, you would expect them to have high standards of hygiene and sterilize all their tools, but you ignore that your own tools, even if you are the only one to use them, can grow dangerous bacteria as well!

In the past, sterilizing at home consisted basically in boiling or steaming the objects you want to sterilize. It is cumbersome and dangerous practice (you can get steam burn or have injuries while manipulating boiling water and hot items!), so we basically only do it for babies bottles and pacifiers. Also, there are countless objects that can't be put in boiling water without totally ruining them (makeup brushes, for instance). However, with this new UV rays technology, you can sterilize your tools, quickly, without risk and as often as you would like!

The SUNUV  UV/LED Steriliser Box

"There are heat-resistant germs ("mad cow" virus), cold-resistant germs (avian flu) and drug-resistant germs (superbug), but THERE ARE NO UV-RESISTANT GERMS."

The SUNUV sterilizer box  (S1-BAT) is a lightweight (445g) portable box with sterilization function for personal use tools such as toothbrushes, razors, scissors, makeup tools. The box has 10 LED beads in the inner part of the lid, which generate a radiation with a wavelength of 260-280nm that is able to kill 99.99% of germs by destroying their DNA.

Features of the box

  • 3 minutes sterilization
  • Rechargeable function
  • Voice prompt Function
  • Led indicator
  • Automatic shutdown
  • weight: 445g
  • Dimension 235 x 108 x 75.5mm

All it takes is charging your box with the included battery charger (it also has a USB interface!!) or simply plug it to power. Turn the power on by pressing and holding the button for three seconds, place your tools to be sterilized inside the box, close the lid and press the button once again. The sterilizing procedure starts and it has a 3-minute timer. The light on the lid will show you the progress and the voice will announce when the sterilizing procedure is over.

The box has a built-in lithium battery that once is fully charged lasts for 120 minutes of functioning, that means you can sterilize about 40 times wirelessly, everywhere, anywhere.

The machine will automatically shut down when battery power is low or if you don't use it after it is fully charged, so as to save energy.

The lid has a built-in safety sensor switch so that the UV LED will automatically shut down when you open the lid while sterilizing function is on.

The box comes in two versions SUNUV S1 is the one I got, which has an oval shape, and SUNUV S2 which has a rectangular shape. The SUNUV S1 retails for USD 49.99 and it is available here (currently discounted to USD 46.99!!! hurry up!). 

My experience

I have never properly sterilized my beauty and grooming tools, although I clean them regularly and use a disinfecting gel on most things, I never thought of how much bacteria and germs were growing in there. Especially in my makeup brushes!

With this portable SUNUV sterilizer box, I sterilise all my beauty and grooming tools as frequently as I wish. Here is what I think about it:

Easy to use
I find it super easy to use! You can start using it as soon as you receive it, by plugging it with the provided cord. It is user-friendly, as it only has one button. Press and hold to turn it on, the same thing to turn it off. To launch sterilizing procedure, always the same button, press once, and tadaaa!

It sterilizes in only 3 minutes! What can be faster than that, I don't know!

It is very lightweight, you can easily pack it and take it with you anywhere, Once the battery is fully charged it can be used about 40 times before the battery discharges, totally cordless!

Aesthetically pleasing
I keep this box on top of my vanity and as it white, it has a glossy surface and an oval shape, I find it looks pretty there! It is small enough not to call too much the attention and while you are not sterilizing you can also use it as a storage box.

It made our household healthier
Before owning this box, there have been a couple of incidents that should have made me open my eyes, but I didn't pay attention. Once, my son got an infection in one fingernail, and nobody knew how was that possible, we had to treat his fingernail for weeks with local antibiotics until the nail grew completely new.  Since I got the sterilizing box I decided to clean thoroughly and sterilize the tools everytime I use them on the children and we don't longer have this kind of problem.

There is also my acne problem. I used to have a pretty neat skin free of acne, but I started getting medication and skin breakouts are one of the side effects. What is it with acne you say? well, as you know I love makeup and doing my makeup. I clean and wash my tools regularly, but anyone who owns a foundation makeup brush knows exactly how hard is to get rid of all the product remaining in between the bristles, and even though you wash very carefully there is always some remaining that you can't see and there is where bacteria grow. You know, when you already have acne, bacteria in your tools can only make things wors. Because acne is already broken or inflamed skin that is very sensitive!  So I also decided to sterilise my tools every time I wash them and my acne is definitely improving since then.

Versatile. It helps reduce waste
What you can sterilize it is probably limited only to what you can physically fit in the box!
 I am enchanted to be taking this extra hygiene step and now I will also turn into other re-usable personal grooming options that I've been avoiding because I wasn't sure of their hygienic standards, like reusable cotton buds. That will certainly cut-down our household waste, isn't that great?

What kind of tools can you sterilize with the SUNUV sterilizer?

You can sterilize practically any item that supports UV radiation. For instance, most of the items you keep in your beauty case or medicine cabinet!

  • makeup sponges,
  • makeup brushes, and applicators
  • tweezers,
  • Foot files
  • Nail files, 
  • nail clippers, and all kinds of nail tools
  • all kind of re-usable razors and tools for men or women grooming
  • all kind of scissors
  • toothbrushes and other teeth care tools
  • reusable cotton buds

But also some other more intimate items like sex toys or your menstrual cup. I am sure I am forgetting some items here because this sterilizing method is definitely applicable to many materials and many items we have at home!

Bottom line

This is unquestionably a tool that you can't live without once you start using it. I recommend it to anyone who wishes to live in a healthy environment, but especially to those people who share tools, do their makeup and do makeup on others, or do their nails and also do their friend's nails! It is an excellent method that will also allow you to switch to re-usable tools in the market that will help us reduce waste, but without fearing the possible growth of bacteria!

What are your thoughts on this SUNUV sterilizer? Is this something you'd like to own? Do you have questions about it? please do not hesitate to leave me a comment!


*Press sample. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.
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