Hello, lovelies! Happy Friday!

Today is another busy Friday! But only the nice kind of busy ;)  we'll be out shopping all the afternoon. It's awesome, as the weather warms up the social appointments flourish, we have a late b-day party tomorrow, Sunday we'll probably go for a boat trip on the lake (depending on the weather), we have another birthday in the middle of next week, then a BBQ party next Friday, a Baptisme on Saturday and another dinner party next Sunday!! Believe me, I am NOT usually this busy socially speaking, but I LOVE it! What about you? Do you go out and meet up with friends more often these days?

Today the  "26 Great Nail art Ideas Challenge" prompt us to create a "dry or dragging marble manicure". If you have no idea what that is, then keep reading to find out!

What on Earth is "dry marble"?  Is there a wet marble? Nope, but there is a "watermarble" which is an advance nail ar technique by which you can create marbled coloured designs by dropping polish into a glass of water and the dipping your fingernail into it! That is absolutely messy, very time consuming and terribly difficult to get streight! So, most people prefer to achieve the effect of marbled colours by "dry techniques" which basically means quicker, less messy and a lot easier!

In this case, for my White Marble manicure I used a technique called "smooshing" or "smoosh stamping". I've already used this technique in the past so you can check it here. It was pretty easy to do, considering I used a cuticle protector to avoid all the clean up later.
To create this manicure I started painting my nails with one coat of nail polish. You don't need several coats even if they are streaky, because it will be covered up with the nail art. Once your white base is dry, you take your silicone stamper and apply irregular blobs of nail polish, I used white, dove grey and white. Then with a thin liner brush, you drag your drops so as to form a "marble look". Don't worry too much in this step, I just made a few straight lines and it worked. You have to be pretty quick and do not allow your polish to dry on the stamper.Then you directly stamp on the nails (previously protected with cuticle protector) your marble design, peel of the cuticle protector and that's about it!
It you like you can also freehand a few thin golden or silver lines or "veins", like I did with my design. Finally, seal the design with your favourite clear topcoat!

These are the products and Items I used:

  • White polish, OPI Suzi chases portu-geeze, 
  • Black polish, OPI My Gondola or yours?, 
  • light grey polish, MoYou nail polish "After the storm", 
  • Gold polish, Butter London Goss.
  • Peel off cuticle protector
  • Silicon Clear stamper

That was it! I hope you like my new manicure. Please, go pay a visit to my challenge mates to see more dry marble manicures !!