Hello, my lovelies! How is your weekend so far?
Today I have a new nail art design and a new nail art review to share with you. I prepared a Neon and Black manicure for the 26 Great Nail Art Ideas challenge, and for creating it I used is a Peel off cuticle guard from BeautyBigBang store*. I show you how to create fun manis without the mess thanks to this useful product. I really hope you like it!!

Beauty Bigbang Peel-off cuticle Guard

One of my favourite nail art techniques is a gradient. Stamping over gradient is actually what I would call my "signature style". But truth is, both techniques can be quite messy and stain the cuticles with nail polish that takes forever to remove!
It's been a few years since somebody came with the brilliant idea of using a cuticle guard to keep polish from your cuticles and fingers and it has been a blessing since then for all nail art lovers.
Beauty Bigbang currently carries a liquid latex peel-off cuticle guard for an unbeatable price, so I had to try it!
This is a very useful product that you apply around your nails, on your cuticles and fingers if needed, to prevent staining them with nail polish. This saves a lot of cleaning up time, as well as freeing you from using pure acetone over and over again on your cuticles, which can end up being a bad thing for your skin.

The product from Beauty bigbang is done with liquid latex, and as natural latex it smells a bit "fishy", but as if it is something I am going to remove very rapidly, I don't mind the smell. The product can be applied in a very thin layer and still be efficiently removed with a pair of tweezers, so very very little goes a long way. I have tried this with the gradient technique and with stamping and it worked fantastically with both! So I definitely recommend it! Keep scrolling to see it in action!

The Peel-Off Liquid Cuticle Guard comes in a 6ml bottle that retails for 2.69 USD and is available here.

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My manicure

To create my Neon gradient and black stamping manicure I started applying a white coat to make the neons pop more (I used OPI Suzi chases Portu-geese form the Lisbon collection). Once the base was dry.  I applied a thin layer of the peel-of cuticle guard all around my cuticles.
When the peel-off liquid latex set, I started sponging my gradient, for which I used fours Neon colours (OPI Hotter than you pink, OPI Down to the Core-al, OPI Push & pur-pull, OPI Life gave me lemons). As you can see in the pictures below, sponging a gradient can be quite messy, but if you look closely, you can see that as soon as I remove the peel of guar with a pair of tweezers, the mess magically disappears!

Once my gradient was dry, I applied the peel-off cuticle guard again and stamped over it using  Born Pretty Stamping Polish Black and Born Pretty Store Stamping plate BPL-008. This black polish is so perfect for stamping because it is super pigmented and allows to never miss a detail whatsoever. But, this also mean the plack pigments will linger around your cuticle even after cleaning it with acetone, darkening your cuticles and ruining everything basically. But using a cuticle guard, you avoid this hot mess! Look in the pics below, how easily I get rid of all the black stamping polish on my cuticles!

I quite liked the satin/matte finish I got with these colours, so I avoided a topcoat.

I know for many people Neon nails ryme with summer, but I like my neons no matter the season and I'm very happy with how this manicure turned out. What do you think? Don't forget to pay a visit to my challenge mates in the list below for more neon manicures.


* Press sample. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.