Waking up feeling not so refreshed and not really ready to tackle the day’s challenges often means that you’ve overslept. When you fear that you’ll be late for work but don’t want to get to the office looking like you’ve been chased by zombies, you should have a few tricks up your sleeve. To help you save time, we’ve prepared a list of seven useful beauty tips you can use to improve your beauty routine.


Find your magic shade

Taking your time to do your makeup is satisfying but not always possible, which is why you could try using a single pot of color for multiple purposes. You can use sparkly eye shadow as a highlighter, your lipstick can double as a blush, and your blush can double as an eyeshadow. When you find your ‘magic shade’, you can use it on your lips, eyelids, and cheeks without worrying that it will look bad, and you’ll save a lot of time (as well as money) in the long run.

Use dry shampoo

When washing your hair isn’t an option but you don’t want to look too disheveled, you can always rely on dry shampoo. You can pick the powder one or the one in a spray can, but there are so many scents and shades to choose from that you’ll easily find the one that’s perfect for you. Cute hairstyle and clean hair are instant confidence-boosters and you can have both in a matter of minutes with the right dry shampoo.


Get lash extensions

As if applying eyeliner isn’t stressful enough, you have to worry about mascara every morning. God forbid you sneeze or open your eyes too wide when you’ve already applied it and you end up ruining your makeup altogether. This is the reason why so many Australian women have been getting elegant eyelash extensions in Sydney. False eyelashes save you the trouble of putting mascara on, and you won’t even have to apply eyeliner as often as before because your eyes will ‘pop’ naturally.


Switch to tinted lip balm

Applying lipsticks when you’re in a hurry is a recipe for disaster, but many women can’t imagine leaving home without it. The solution may be to use tinted lip balms and lip glosses because they will keep your lips soft and hydrated and add just enough color to complete your look. It will allow you to skip the complicated lipstick applying technique and allow you to look your best in a blink of an eye. In addition, many lip balms today have glitter and SPF so your lips will both sparkle and be protected.


Keep ‘em close

The last thing you want to do when you finally get to your bedroom after a long day is spending fifteen minutes removing your makeup. On the other hand, going to bed with your makeup on is a big mistake because you will cause outbreaks and clog your pores. Keep a makeup removal wipes next to your bed so you can reach and simply grab one when you’re already laying down. It’s not as thorough as three-step cleaning process you could do in your bathroom, but it’s effective and it will keep your skin clean and clear.


Try multifunctional products

The easiest way to save time is to use multifunctional products, especially when you’re getting ready to leave the house. In order to give a warmer look to your skin, you should try using a tinted moisturizer. Not only will it make your skin look warmer, but it will keep it hydrated and you will feel fresh for a long time.


Use primer

It might seem like a good idea to skip primer in the morning, especially when you’re in a hurry to get out of the house in time, but you definitely shouldn’t skip primer. The right primer isn’t supposed to feel heavy so you won’t feel like you’re wearing a ton of makeup. What is more, it will make the makeup you do put on last longer than usual. If you can, pick primer with SPF as it’s a great way to protect your skin from harmful sun rays.

When you know how to cut corners with your beauty routine you won’t have panic attacks even if you notice that you’re running out of time to get ready. Of course, when you have plenty of time you should take things slow, but when you have barely enough time to be presentable, you can use some of these tricks.

The Author

Jasmine Anderson is a lifestyle and beauty blogger and an incurable daydreamer. She loves makeup, lavender lemonade and her two cats.