Do you suffer from reactive hair loss? Fall started and the trees are not the only thing shedding? I hear you. Since the mild temperatures ended in October I have been suffering an important hair loss with no other apparent reason for me. Why? I've been digging in the reasons for hair loss, and "Hair starts imitating tree leaves, hence they fall in Autumn" does not appear on the list. So why I'm suddenly losing so much hair? And what do I do about it?
There are many reasons for hair loss in women, it is important that you identify the cause and then you can fight back! Keep reading to learn what are the possible causes and also what to do to revert that hair loss.

Hair Loss. Causes and remedies

Hair loss in women is much more frequent than we think, there are two types of hair loss: a "genetic" one and a "reactive" one.
Genetic hair loss means that you have a predisposition to lose hair volume as you age (quantity and quality). Whereas the reactive hair loss is directly attributed to a cause your body is reacting to, which means it can be reversed!

I know you won't be counting them, but it is normal to lose about 50 to 100 hair strands per day. I know! WHOEVER counts them!!??? right. I think we are more or less used to see a few strands of hair get off our scalp, but there is a point when this becomes a lot more than usual, there is hair all around the house and you can tell hair is not growing back as it should by looking yourself at the mirror.

The two main and, by far, most common reasons for reactive hair loss are hormonal disbalance and/or nutritional deficiencies. We reach the part where I point out that it is very VERY important that you consult a doctor when you notice hair loss. There are a few health and hormonal issues that can be easily treated and a doctor can spot them with a simple blood test.

Most common hormonal disbalances in women are related to natural causes like Post-Partum and
Menopause. But there are also other situations that can cause a hormonal disbalance that may also lead to hair loss, like Stress or some gynaecological conditions (such as Polycystic Ovarian syndrome) which can be causing a drop in your oestrogens production, generating the hair loss.

A nutritional disbalance can also be the cause of your hair loss. A dramatic weight-loss, a deficient diet, a lack of iron or of Vitamine B12 can be the source of your hair thinning or falling out more. These nutritional deficiencies are relatively easy to solve, by including the nutrients you are lacking in your diet. However, your symptoms might be hiding a more important health issue, this is why it is so important to get a check-up at the doctor's, he/she will be able to determine if there is a more serious condition as anaemia, hyperthyroidism or hyperthyroidism which can also be the root of the problem! In those cases the doctors can help you and treat the root problem, once solved, your hair will grow back normally.

Other than that, some general improvements in your diet and lifestyle are always welcome to stop hair loss and help new hair grow!

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What you CAN do.

  • Get More Protein in your diet
  • Don't forget complex carbohydrates (fruits, whole cereals and nuts, etc)
  • Take a supplement: will help to provide all the necessary vitamins

Keep your hair styles to the minimum:
  • avoid heating tools (that weaken hair fibres making your hair look even thinner)
  • Avoid excessive conditioner (they weigh down your hair)
  • Updos can put stress on your roots and if your follicles are weak your updo won't be helping the hair loss.
  • Add some specific hair care product like shampoo and conditioner against hair loss.

My hair story

I went through the postpartum shedding twice. The first time I shed for 6 MONTHS and the new hair wasn't growing O_O I did all of the above (minus eating nuts because of my allergies) plus trying every hair growth shampoo/conditioner/treatment/homemade recipe that I could find. My hair looked terrible even a year after giving birth the growth was almost non existent and the quality of my hair (shine less, dried out, uneven fibres, and limp) a total disaster.

Photos of myself taken in 2015 during my post-partum

My hair eventually grew out but I never recovered the "same hair I had before" UNTIL. I became pregnant for the second time. Then my hair was at its best in my whole life. Lots and lots of new hair grew, very fast, shiny, thick, with unprecedented volume.

After three months postpartum, with my second child, I suffered hair loss again. BUT The very following day to giving birth I started using a Spray by Kérastase called "Densifique serum", I wrote something about it here. I did this for three months. Then When I started shedding I switched to the Klorane Range with quinine (which I didn't know with my first child) Shampoo, conditioner and serum spray. The shedding stopped after 6 WEEKS!! and new hair started growing as soon as the shedding stopped. I had then all those shorter hairs around my hairline that look horrible, but my hair was shiny, healthy, voluminous again. And I did no other effort than washing my hair twice a week with these hair care produts (OK I also knew better and avoided a whole bunch of stressful situations that I couldn't avoid with my first child, like having 4 guests from abroad staying at home for two months after giving birth, each with his/her particular idea of how to care for a newborn, and very specific nutritional demands O__O)

I have had voluminous and healthy hair ever since. I could use many other shampoos and conditioners and never had a problem until NOW. Without any apparent reason, my hair started falling more than usual, so I got myself the same Klorane treatment I did three years ago during my postpartum. I noticed that the brand had updated the range. So I picked up three products: Klorane Shampoo with Quinine and Vitamine B, the Conditioner and the scalp serum spray of the same range.
I've been using these for the past two weeks and my hair loss diminished dramatically, I can say it is almost a normal hair loss now. I also notice my hair is growing back again, because I have a lot of short ugly hairs, lol. My hair looks more voluminous and feels thicker to the touch. I'm avoiding any other conditioner right now, so this can only be thanks to the new products I'm using.

I can't promise this would work for everyone, but it certainly worked for me, and I am so grateful to this brand for developing such a good product I wanted to share it with you here.


I'm not sponsored for writing this post. I bought the products myself and I'm not using affiliate links. Issued 100% from my personal experience.