Hello, my lovelies! How are you?
I'm super excited to be sharing with you my latest makeup discovery! I have tried many organic products in my life but not really much makeup items, so I was very curious to know how the Dark Circle concealer of the French Organic brand "Couleur Caramel" would perform on me! Have you tried Organic makeup before?  Keep reading to find out more about this product and my personal experience with it.

Last month I received a very generous PR Package from the Attitude Bio Store in Geneva. This Store only carries cosmetic brands with natural and organic composition and labels. That is a universe I don't know very much, but as I'm more and more concerned about the environment, I definitely think switching to more sustainable options is a good thing!
Among many wonderful skin care products that I'll be presenting to you very soon, in the package I received was this little gem by Couleur Caramel.
But what makeup fans like me always fear is "would the organic makeup perform like regular products?" would the natural products last as long, be as easy to apply and perform efficiently too? I was wondering all of these things me too!

About the brand

Couleur Caramel is a French Brand producing makeup products with natural and organic ingredients with the ECOCERT label, that is concerned above all about the high performance and efficiency of their products. For the past 5 years the brand has impose itself as a reference in the professional makeup world being the first choice of makeup artists in the NRJ Music Awards, the Cannes Festival or the Paris Fashion Week.

The concealer #8

The first thing that struck me was the packaging: it is entirely made of paper and carton! That is so easy to recycle, and is much, much, much less polluant than plastic, glass or any other material really. So for the packaging I applaud!
The formulation is made with 100% natural ingredients, of which 20% are from organic cultures. Among the main ingredients we find Squalane, Olive oil, Silica, Carnauba wax, Sweet almond oil Shea butter and Baobab seed oil.
The packaging contains 3.5g of product, which will last very long considering how little you need for each application.

The concealer comes in the form of a creamy balm. It looks and feels solid in this pot. But to the touch it feels very smooth and creamy, very easy to apply with fingers or a brush. The creamy texture seems rich to the touch, almost oily I'd say but as you apply it feels very silky and sets so well on the skin! It doesn't set into a drying formula like SO many unforgiving concealers I've tried, so this is very positive for 30+ ladies like myself, whose eye area is no longer so smooth. The concealer is definitely forgiving with fine lines and I would even dare say it has a "moisturizing" effect.

The colour #8 is a medium apricot/peach colour that may seem shocking to you if you are not familiar with the colour correction technique. In fact, this kind of peach/orange/apricot colours are used in makeup to balance skin hyperpigmentations, usually colours brown/yellow-brown. Basically, this technique consists in making the dark spots appear less evident by covering them with a contrasting colour. Once this first "correcting" step is achieved, all you need to do is apply your foundation on top and your spots, as well as your corrector, will be invisible!

The ingredients of this concealer ar 100% of natural origin and 20% from organic cultures.

My experience

I like a lot playing with makeup, but I don't wear makeup every day! Some days, all I would wear would be concealer, but most days I wear nothing at all. Not because I don't need it ;) ;) I do! In fact it is because I work from home, LOL.

I have hormonal melasma, which is not terribly dark but still pretty visible. The spots on my face tend to yellow-brownish, so I thought this apricot-peach corrector could work fine for me. I wasn't wrong, this did a great job!
It corrected my dark spots super well and was imperceptible once I applied the foundation. I apply it with my fingers and dab a very little amount on my primed skin, only on the dark spots and it looks wonderful, it looks and feels like nothing on the skin! It blends so well on the skin, it doesn't leave a texture like other colour correctors I've tried and it doesn't make my pores any more evident. I LOVE it.
The colour peach it is a bit too obvious to be worn as a simple concealer for me. So I couldn't use this product on its own. Practically, I can only use it beneath my own foundation. You should know that regular foundation would not be enough to cover up my melasma, under most lighting conditions it is possible to see my dark spots underneath my foundation. That's ok, I usually don't mind. But for a photoshoot for Instagram or the blog, I usually choose to colour-correct my spots prior to applying my foundation, the Couleur Caramel concealer did a great job!

Also, I'm so impressed that it is compatible with my regular foundations, I was afraid it wouldn't work, some products clash or "ball up" when you try to blend them together, but this was not the case! The concealer lasted perfectly the whole day too.
In the picture below you can see, from left to right: 1) My bare skin, 2) after application of the Couleur Caramel concealer, 3) after application of my regular foundation.

Bottom line

In summary, I am very pleased with this new makeup discovery! I never imagined an organic product could rival with regular cosmetics in terms of coverage and application, but it does! Couleur Caraml Dark Circle Concealer #8 is one of the best colour correctors I've tried (and I've tried a ton).
- It corrects my darks spots flawlessly
- It has a nice texture
- Easy to blend with fingers or a brush
- It is compatible with all my regular (non organic) foundations.
- It lasts 10+ hours on me.
- It is Organic, not tested on animals!
- It is affordable compared with similar products

- color number #8 has a real orange undertone that can't be used on itself, so it needs to be layered underneath foundation. But that's because is not just a "concealer" but a colour corrector.

Have you ever tried organic makeup products? Were you familia with the brand Couleur Caramel?
Let me know in the comments!!