I'm such a sucker when it comes to Drugstore brands themed collections, because they look so cute and affordable! No mention that many time you get pretty good quality products as well.
So, here is what I spotted a couple of weeks ago or so, The colours on this eyeshadow quad looked so bright, and there were 3 mattes and one yellow, I had to pick it!

This was rather difficult to photograph, the above picture was the nearest I got to the real colour, but is lacking a little vibrance.
Here is one picture on the sun:

These are the swatches:

So, these eyeshadows weren't that great, except the yellow one which was soft, very opaque and a good pay off, the rest lacked in payoff and opacity. The light blue is almost unnoticeable! Hopefully these would be better with some eyeshadow primer. I shall try.
I wasn't that satisfied with these because even if I didn't pay a lot for this quad, I was expecting a better quality, based on some wonderful eyeshadows I own from this brand. I might show you some of them one day!
Do you know this brand? Is there anything in their collection that appeals to you?

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