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Hello dear readers! Yesterday, I got a new plug-in for my browser named Zemanta. I'm still trying this out, but the main reason I got it is because Linkwithin is not working on my blog :(
After I tried several times to have some support from their part, I finally decided to search for some other tool that would keep my older posts visible.

I found Zemanta which is also "a blog dashboard assistant". Which means that it suggests you links and contents for writing your post. Naturally I don't need that, because I take my own pictures and I give my own opinion, but sometimes is fun to include links in case someone might be interested in knowing more details about something.

What I find really cool about this thingy, is that the thumbnails and links to other posts that you see at the bottom of a post, may not be always your own! This means that when you're advising your readers to read other posts, these post might belong to someone else. So you're also contributing bringing visitors to your pears.

I think Blogging is all about sharing. Each one of us is nothing without the readers, and we have to admit no reader will stay forever in a blog. Promoting quality related posts of OTHER bloggers? I'M ALL IN!
I will be, then, recommending what I think to be quality posts of other bloggers I follow. Therefore, if you don't want your posts to be promoted here, please say so and it will be removed.

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