Happy Friday everyone! How are you doing? I'm particularly excited today because I just realized in less than one week we'll be in our new home! So this collection couldn't be more appropriately named "Home sweet Home".
I'm also a bit fed up of living in the middle of all this carton boxes, and I'm never finding what I need because most things have already been packed. We certainly have started early to pack, but as we can only do that on weekends, and we also need some spare time to enjoy life, well, we've been doing it a bit at a time... and it resulted kind of annoying.

But enough chattering, I want to show what I have for you today. Earlier this week I showed you my picks from the Essence Home Sweet Home collection, and today I bring you the swatches of the polishes I chose. There were two other shades tat I didn't pick up you can check the Essence site to see the whole collection.

First is 01-Caramel cheese cake

I love the shade of caramel cheese cake, though it is a little less bright in real life. I was very upset applying this one, I needed three coats (which I very rarely do) It was thick and the brush was a nightmare to work with. Essence, if you're reading, what you call brush I call stick! Really I feel my orange stick is softer than this brush!  Other than that beautiful shade!

Next is 02 Red-y to relax

This is a beautiful coral red shade, very bright, that applied smoothly and was opaque in one coat, but I did two to bring out all the glossy effect. I had no problems what so ever applying this one, the brush was nice, and the formula was neither thick nor thin. Just perfect.
How is it that two shades in the same collection apply so differently? Gosh knows...
All swatches are without topcoat.

In other news, have you made any purchases on Black Friday? There is not such thing here in Switzerland, but many of the online shops where I buy my cosmetics had great deals! So I couldn't help to place 2 orders: a brush from Sigma and of course some nail polish at BeautyBay (all is 20%off plus free shipping!)

Let me know your thoughts about this two, and if you picked any of this collection and which!
Have a great weekend!

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