Hello my lovelies! How are you doing today? Today is a very special day, because is my hubby's birthday. I'm planning to do some nice surprises for him (all food related, lol) because he loves home made pizza and it's been long time I haven't made it. I've been also baking mini cakes gingerbread-men shaped because I got a new baking form I have to try, and It seem only right to do some treats for my sweet tooth darling in his day. If they ever come out acceptable, I might post a pic or two. I've also got him a present which is  a surprise for our new home, so I'm not saying anything, because he reads my posts from time to time. This post is beeing scheduled in advance, so by the time you read this, our bellies will have prbably be already full with pizza and cake! lol.
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Today's Challange Battle is Neon vs. Pastel. I'm not a very neon person, that is why I chose to go with the pastel colours, and also because I wanted to do a pastel gradient manicure (my first time!) and this seemed a great occasion.
Here below some E.T. fingers for you, lol!

Here is what I have used:

Mavala 183 Pistachio
Mavala 179 Lemon Cream
Mavala 181 Blue Mint

Here below you can see my right hand, which actually came very well for my standard (despite some bold spots) but I came to discover there is actually ONE thing my dumb left hand can do and it is holding a sponge! lol.

I need to practice a little more my technique, but I'm quite happy with the result. Let me know your thoughts about this look, and if you have some advice for this technique it will be welcomed!

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