Hello my dears! How is your Saturday so far? Our moving "D" day is approaching and there is so much to be done yet! I'll be working late tonight to schedule some post for the upcoming week, because I'll be very busy and I have so many things I want to share with you! My "Fall Favourite list" might take me to the middle of December for posting, lol! But you know, technically winter starts on December 21st, so I have plenty of time :P
What I have for you today is my favourite eyeshadow palette this season: Chanel Quadra Eye Shadow 38 Premier Régard from the Essentials Collection Fall 2012. Of course, this is my favourite for everyday makeup and the one I've been reaching for the most frequently these days. I would choose something different for a special event or going out the evening

What is so special about it? I will tell you:

This palette has 3 matte shades (a warm peach, a cool pink, and a black) and one shimmery toasted taupe. The fact that there are 3 matte colours makes already a huge step upward in my list.
All three shades are what I would most frequently pick for my eyes day-look and they're all in one palette.
The peach shade is one (in a million) that -finally- plays well with my skin tone!
So these are very personal reasons why this is MY favourite. So each of you may totally disagree with me.

Now to the more objective reason: All the colours are soft (SOFT) and apply perfectly. They do have a nice pigmentation, and the payoff is the brand standard. If you need a better payoff you migh want to wear a base or primer. All the swatches are without primer or base, and the pictures have been taken under indirect natural light.
So, what are your thoughts about it? Do you like neutral shades for everyday makeup? and what about matte eyeshadows?

Keep enjoying your weekend!
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