Hello everyone! How is your Saturday so far? We are now working hard on the weekend for packing in order to move house, and we discovered how many useless things we have. It's so crazy.
Anyways, today I want to share with you one of my favourites of this fall: Chanel's Lumières d'Artifices Beiges. You've probably seen this a lot, but I have to tell you I absolutely adore this. It's the most subtle highlighter I have, but it is the one I prefer for a perfect finish to my skin. This is the kind of makeup that will make you glow without noticing you have makeup. So if you're on the mood for a shimmer-packed look (I am sometimes) this is not the right stuff.

I've intended to show you this a while ago, but I haven't got the opportunity yet to do proper swatches. The sun is slippery, by the time I get the camera and everything set, it's already gone. I hate to be running after the sun. It is really a pity. I know everyone is already raving Chanel's Holiday Collection, but as I'm probably not getting anything of it  (ok, maybe the polish) I decided  to show you this now, before it is definitely gone.

I know "Beige" it's not quite appealing for a name, but it is totally misleading!  This Highlighter is gorgeousness, so if you have the chance try it.

It is a little pricey, but I suspect this will last very long, since it has 18g of product (for instance, a Too Faced bronzer has 9g so this is double). I'm trying to reserve this for special makeup looks, but this is so suitable for everyday wear. I'm so happy my husband got it for me!!

Do you wear highlighters on everyday basis? Which are your favourites?

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