From the left: Dorothy, Dreamy glitter, Under the moon, Frizzy spots, Super funk

Hello everyone! How are you doing? I wanted to share with you one of my recent hauls.
The picture above was taken when I received the order from Cherry Culture, placed while they were having China Glaze 20%. The best China Glaze weren't part of the sale, only older collections, so I only picked three oldies but goodies (picture below). But as I'm in Switzerland shipping resulted a little expensive for only three polishes, and I decided to order some NYX Girl Glitters which retailed 2USD each. I remember trying to hold my breath not to scream when I opened this package because my little boy was sleeping,  I was so happy to see all that glitter together my eyes didn't know where to look!

From the left: China Glazes Material girl, Golden Enchantment, Liquid Leather & NYX Multiglitter
I know, China Glaze Liquid Leather is the odd one out, but it was unacceptable for me not to own one single good black nail polish, so I picked this one.

I have many ideas for manicures using these, and If you want me to swatch any in particular please say so in the comments.

So, do you like glitter nail polish? Which are your favourites? Do you own any of the pictured above?


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