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I've been looking forward to show you this beautiful Collection from Catrice called SpectaculART since I got it at the begining of November. So, without further ado, here you are my picks:

Pure Chrome eyeshadows:
I've picked all of them because these are simply fantastic! The extreme softness in application, and the pigmentation is out of this world! These babies are  as good quality as the most renown brands , just name it! The range is in chrome metallics colours, and they are meant for outstanding eye looks, so no sheers or mattes here.
From Left top clockwise: CO4 Artfully Lustrous,
CO2 Bombay Bauble, CO1 So Precious, CO3 Treasure it.

From Left clockwise: CO4 Artfully Lustrous,
CO2 Bombay Bauble, CO1 So Precious, CO3 Treasure it.

Artfully Lustrous is a very pretty and light  shade of rose gold (yet very pigmented)
Bombay Bauble is a deep charcoal packed with shimmer
So Precious is the outstanding piece here, in my opinion, a beautiful antique olive toned gold, or golden toned olive, ;) as you prefer. Gorgeous!
Treasure it  Is a very shimmery steel silver.
From Left to right: Treasure It, So Precious, Bombay Bauble, Artfully Lustrous

From Left to right: Treasure It, So Precious, Bombay Bauble, Artfully Lustrous

Swatches were done with no primer or base. You can see from the swatches the great pigmentation and opacity with only one sweep. The payoff in these shades is insane! if your eyeshadow collection is not very big (mine isn't) you really shouldn't regret picking up all of these, in any case I have not.

Next is the Highlighter Powder in Artfully Lustrous

I love highlighters. I have many and use them on a daily basis. This one has no gold what so ever, and no fine glitter or shimmer particles. It is shiny, don't get me wrong, but it is more of a porcelain sheen if you get what I mean. The shade is great for me, because is neither too golden, nor too white. It has the right amount of rose to balance my yellow undertones without clashing with it. It is quite sheer and subtle, so it does the job without making of me a glow-in-the-dark-doll. It's soft in application, also. Again, swatch without primer or base.

Hihglighter powder in Artfully Lustrous
(Update Note on 14thNov. :this highlighter does fade a little quick, I worn it yesterday afternoon and the light wasn't there anymore 3-4 hours later :( reapplying highlighter during the day is not my favourite thing)

Then there is the Sheer lipstick:

Revel the red Sheer Lipstick
I've only picked one of the three shades available, Revel the Red, because I'm not a fan of sheer on the lips and I don't want to own three kinds of them. That said, I have some subdued lipglosses made for complementing a bold smokey eye, but I didn't own any sheer lipstick until now. That's the main reason I've picked this one. The other two shades available didn't seem to suit my skin tone.

As you can see from the swatches, the lipstick is sheer, meaning it has not an opaque coverage, but it is quite pigmented, meaning is not "invisible". The texture is nice, it is smooth when applied and comfortably mosturizing. It has some sort of scent (mine smells like cherry candy) but I don't find it disturbing once on the lips. These lipsticks have also hyaluronic acid ingredients and SPF 10.

Revel the red Sheer Lipstick

The Mousse Blush in Holi Hai:

Mousse Blush in Holi Hai

Mousse Blush in Holi Hai

Mousse Blush in Holi Hai
The blush is also quite sheer, but in a nice shade of pink with very pretty sheen. The look is like any average drugstore cream blush. What is absolutely amazing is the texture, really like a mousse and very light and soft application. But again, this is not a must have, still a pretty shade.

The last of my picks is the Superfine Eyeliner Pen in Black Bindi:

Nothing special to say about this liner except I never owned one like this before. I have many crayons, but this is more like a marker. I know there are various brands that feature liners like this, but this is my first. I find it very versatile, because the tip is really stiff and won't bend when you apply it, as it would be with a brush. I have a similar applicator in a Sephora's eyeliner, but that one is to dip in the product, and that makes it a little harder to me, in the sense I never seem to pick the right amount of product, besides the product in the pot dries up quickly.  With the pen you don't have this two issues, but I guess you get less product.

All in all, I really love this collection! All products in it, except for the eye products, are quite sheer and soft shaded, because they're meant to integrate a look where the accent is put on the eyes. I like this idea, you know how is always important to keep a balance on your face and put the accent on your eyes or your lips, but not both.

I've also got 3 out of 4 nail polishes plus the gold leaf topcoat. I will swatch them all very soon, so stay tuned!!

What do you think of this collection? Any particular item you like or are interested in?
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