Dec 4, 2012

My stash on the move II: The make up

Hello My dears! How are you doing today? It's been snowing here, and very cold because we have some wind from the Alps coming, it's funny to see frost on houses roofs, but it's December already, isn't it? What I have for you today is my makeup stash, and some picture I snapped while packing it for the move. The above picture shows all my makeup items gathered (unorderly) over the couch.
You can click to enlarge all the pictures, if you're curious to see details.

The big pink bag holds NYX trio eyeshadows, catrices single eyeshades some lippies and freebies, and some face powders.

"Smaller" pink and brown bag is my everyday makeup bag. I have all the necessary primers, concealers, correctors, foundation, my fave eyeshadows, the blush, eyeliner and mascara I'm currently using, lash curler, and stuff like that.
These are the Catrices Palettes from big city life Collection 2012

Some other Eyeshadow and combined palettes.

 A makeup bag with most of my blushes.

Chanel Eyeshadows and bronzer.

 Some other face powders (bronzer, highlighter, etc)

 A small bag holding my loose pigments and some other bold eyeshadows.

 A bag with backups and treasures ;)

  A transparent bag with more eyeshadows!

 A transparent bag with mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadows.

 This is my carry-all-bag from Nyx: very handy, holding a gazillion things, full of compartments! This pocket contains a bunch of eyeliners.

 Thie lid holds all my lipliners.

 Two transparent pockets containing most of my lippies.

The other lid contains face powders, highlighters and other stuff.

 A pouch contains most of my lipglosses.

 This is finally all my stash posing orderly for the picture! lol

 And all neatly placed in one carton box for the move!

And it still looks like this today! Of course I've kept a small "survival kit" in my purse. What do you think about my stash? Way too many things, isn't it? What would your survival kit contain?

Love you all!
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  1. A lot of make-up there! ;)
    I own about a tenth, maybe less :) if you don't count the all my nail polish ;)

    1. Hi Jezzica! I know is too much! There was a time when I was good with face powder and eye liner! :P

  2. Awwww impressive collection!!! Love it!!! And again so neatly packed :-)!!! I own very little make-up - just stuff that gets me done in a couple of minutes according to the slogan best effect with smallest effort ;-)

    1. Thanks for reading! Are you secretly looking for tips for moving office? lol! just kidding! how is your packing going?

    2. LOL - I wish I would not be so used to move offices - fourth time in 9 years. The worst is over i.e. desk allocation - I'm sure you know what I refer to ;-)!!! Now it's all about getting rid of stuff and throwing binders into boxes ;-) thanks for asking!!!

  3. Wonderful collection, so many great brands in there! I would say I have a similar if slightly smaller collection.. Just because when the limited editions come out they grab me! Your going to have fun organizing it all! Hope its not too cold for you guys! :) xx

    1. Hi Ithi! Yes, it's all the fault of LE!!
      Don't worry, anything beneath 15 °C is already too cold for me, LOL!

  4. I'm not up to your size of make up collection but I'm getting close to that lol! Who am I kidding, I'm almost there!!

    1. Oh, Ina, I know your blog is only about nail polish, but I'm so curious to see your makeup stash now!!

  5. You don't have too many things. A girl needs her make-up (I have to say that, my stash is about the same size as yours...)

    1. Oh, Aglaya, I cannot but agree with you! lol

  6. Oh so much lovely things! I don't think you got too many things, so don't you worry. I also got a lot of makeup, mostly eye shadows and well, other things too.. I like varying my self I guess. :)

    In my survival kit, which I carry with me mostly (like when I go to school/work) is foundation, powder, eye shadow kit with earthy tones, rouge, eye liner pen and liquid and mascara and little something for the lips to stay moist. I guess THAT is too much to carry around but I'm rather safe than sorry, I hate when my makeup get smudged and I can't do anything about it, well, except smudging the other eye to make it match the other one? Gah, luckily that almost never happens! :) And still, I always wear a bag with me for my other things that I must have so I don't mind having some extra grams in it. :)

    1. Hi Gelic! Thanks for your comment, in fact I don't carry much makeup with me, just face powder and lipstick. I never do touch ups other than that!
      But I think you're right if you want to look perfect at all times and you spend all the day out, then you need what you need!


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