Hello my dears!Today is a special day here in Argentina, because we do celebrate Christmas more on the 24th than on the 25th.
Main reason being it's summer here, and reunions are more pleasant during the evening/night. So we get to eat and drink a lot (for US pals think Thanksgiving) but we start celebrating the 24th around 9 PM and go on during the night. At midnight we cheer and drink, there are fireworks and those sort of things, and children open their presents (yes they're not sleeping, I know that may sound weird to many of you, but in Argentina children do all their parents do, and it's not big deal. I remember in Switzerland I was once asked not to bring my baby to a wedding party and I was so shocked!!). Whatever, after that the party goes on, in my family it's a mostly quiet celebration, with chatting and chatting, but some people organize music and dance. Do you celebrate Christmas? If not, what event do you celebrate? I'd love to know!

Anyway, for this evening I was planing to wear a simple yet festive nail look. I did this mani long time ago when scheduling my posts in advance and liked it a lot (therefore, I took a gazillion pictures), so I'm currently wearing a very similar version of it.

It was really simply done, using two coats of Zoya Veruschka as a base, the nusing Mavala Sparkling red, I draw some horizontal stripes with a thin brush and a triangle shape (representing a Christmas tree) with a dotting tool.

I liked a lot the matte look with glitter details, but I had also to try the glossy version, so I couldn't retain myself and put a coat of seche vite on top.

So what do you think about this mani? Is it appropriate for Christmas? Like it more matte or glossy?
Let me know your opinions, and also what is it that you celebrate in this season and how you do it! I'm very curious to know!