Hello my darlings! How are you enjoying your weekend? 
I'm preparing some yummy stuff because today is my b-day, and I have invited some friends over, despite the mess my house still is, but I've been trying hard to make it decent last week, so they won't be all that shocked after all, lol.(continue reading after the jump)

So today all the treats are for me: Cirque du Soleil (my absolute favourite artistic show), nail polish, fabulous purple shade, jelly finish, what else can I ask for my birthday? oh, yes French tips! lol.
Ok, I know you had enough of me wearing french tips, but today is my day, so bare with me, lol.
I hope you like my NOTD! Here is what I've used:
China Glaze Creative Fantasy,  Essence 133 Oh my glitter!

 Creative Fantasy belongs to the Latest China Glaze Collection "Worlds away" inspired in the upcoming film featuring Cirque du Soleil. The shade is an almost neon purple with jelly consistence and a "rubbery" matt-ish finish. I had no problems to apply this one, though I had read many complaints, and I was prepared to deal with a difficult polish, but mine was just fine! I applied 3 very thin coats. I really liked it this way, without topcoat! I was tempted to wear it by itself, but I couldn't leave it that way, and painted some French tips! I added a topcoat to even out the tips.

Please, let me know what you think about this one! Too simple for a b-day manicure?

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