Hello my Dears! How is your Saturday so far?  I hope you're having fun!
I'm spending my weekend at home, preparing some treats because tomorrow is my b-day. I'm also thinking about our trip to Argentina, since we'll be leaving next Thursday and I need to have our luggage packed. While moving houses I've already put aside our summer clothes, so that's done. I've been thinking about what make up to take with me, and I decided I'll carry a small bag with the basics, I may post about that once I've got everything set. But as we'll be spending Christmas and New year's eve there, I thought it would be a good idea to take with me one colourful eyeshadow palette. (Continue reading after the jump)

I've already got many palettes, but I thought I haven't got one really compact, lightweight and with all sort of colours. The ones I own are too large, or too expensive, and I don't want to carry any expensive makeup with me because I've experienced bagage loss and not regaining everything many times. I found a wonderful palette (at Coop City for the Swiss readers) that fullfill all these requirements and costed only 9.90 CHF! (that's about 9.50 USD). It's from the brand Markwins, of which I had no idea it existed.

I've only tried the first raw, and I'm happy so far. They're very soft, not the most pygmented out there, but decently pygmented, and they look that they will last long, because I really had to rub my skin to take them off! I'm happy that all the colours have names, it is very lightweight and has the size of a Galaxy mini tablet, that is a little larger than an iphone.
I found it very complete with bold bright colours and more neutral ones, also some matte shades! I like some blue and green for summer, and there is even a yellow! which is not very common I guess.
So, What do you think about this palette? Do you find it useful for travelling?
Have a wonderful evening!


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