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Today I'm bringing you the 8th Battle of this Challenge and it's about Animal print vs. Tribal print. I hesitated a lot about this mani, because I originally wanted to combine tribal and animal print, changed my mind like a million times, because I don't have any animal print in my stamping plates and I don't know how to do it free hand! So I decided to do only the tribal print.

I got inspiration from a picture on the internet that I've pinned here. I did this mani a little late, and sunlight was fading, so my pictures

Here is what I've used:
Essie Playa del Platinum as a base
Essie Little brown dress
OPI San tan-tonio
A striping brush and a dotting tool

I first painted all my nails using 2 coats of Essie Playa del Platinum, then added a French tip using OPI San Tan-tonio, then did stripes, dots and ring finger French tip using Essie Little brown dress, and zigzag lines using again OPI San Tan-tonio. In my accent nail I draw a large X with OPI San tan-tonio and a smaller X over it using little brown dress.

My right hand (below) did not get an accent nail, because I was a little lazy, :P

I did this mani before my holidays in Argentina, so I could keep joining all my challenge pals!In fact this was the mani I used during the move, and I wore it for many days (3 I think, lol)  That's why you see longer nails in these pictures, this was right before the disaster. I still have some other manis I did with longer nails, and It's quite nice for me to see them that way, because now they're really short (less space for nail art! lol)
So, let me know what you think about this mani, and I can't wait to see the other creations for this challenge! Please, you too, don't forget to check what the other participants have done to their nails to represent this battle!
Citygirl907 (host)

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