Dec 27, 2012

The Battle Challenge: #9 Duochrome vs. Foil

Hi my lovelies! How were you celebrating lately?
Today is a very special date because it's my wedding anniversary. My husband and I have been married for 9 years! Is that a whole lifetime or what??!! So we will keep celebrating :D
In this post I'm bringing you the 9th Battle of this Challenge (is that Coincidence with the number 9? lol) Which is a battle of finish: Duochrome vs. Foil.

My manicure is very simple and it was done a couple of weeks ago before leaving on holidays, but I kind of like how it turned out (well it's a French manicure again, hope I don't bore you).

Here is what I've used:
-Catrice Be my millionaire, for the base. It's a white gold foilesque polish.
-Catrice Iron Mermaiden, for the funky French tips, is a duochrome polish.
-Steady hand

I did free hand diagonal tips and an arrow shape on my middle finger. I tried very hard to capture on photograph the shift of colours in the duochrome polish, and it wasn't easy. These were my best shots, but it was much more obvious in real life.

Let me know your thoughts about this mani. I know is nothing special, but I didn't have much inspiration when I did it :(  
Please, don't forget to check what the other participants have done to their nails to represent this battle!
Citygirl907 (host)


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  1. Hi! Hope you've had a great holiday with your family so far! I like the manicure, it's very subtle even though the duochrome doesn't stand out. That's the thing with the duochrome I've noticed, they are tricky with nail art if you just make details with them. Maybe it would have been better with the duochrome over the whole nail and then the foil/other polish on top. But I haven't tried it, even though I thought about it a lot! :)

    1. Hi Gelic, Thanks for reading! You're totally right about the duocrome effect, and the reason I chose to do the tips instead of the whole nail is that I've noticed the shifting colour effect is usually more noticeable in the edges, so I thought if I covered the edge with another colour we would see it even less, :( but I should definetily try it that way!!
      Love xxx

  2. Very pretty mani!! :D
    And happy anniversary to you both!!
    Nine years are a long time but they pass quickly when you are having fun! ;)
    I've been together with my bloke for almost 14 years ;)

    1. Ciao bella! Thanks so much! I know what you mean, time flies. We've been together for fifteen years but married *only* nine :P

  3. Nine years? Happy Anniversary!

  4. wohoo!!! 9 years, congratulations!!!
    And I love funky French manis!! This one is great!

    1. Thanks Gosia, I appreciate your opinion!

  5. Happy anniversary!!! I hope you celebrate lavishly ;-)!!! I love your mani!!! Since todays battle theme requires two very dominating finishes it would be a pity to not let the polishes do all the talking ;-) xxx

    1. Hi Christine! Thanks for your sweet comment, I appreciate it a lot.
      Love <3

  6. Happy Anniversary Nati!
    I think your funky french looks amazing!

  7. Well done, it looks great. And happy anniversary!

  8. I love your idea :) looks great!


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