New Look for Polished Polyglot!

Hello my darlings? How are you doing today? Isn't it crazy we arrive already to the end of January? Where have this month gone?
Firstly, I'd like to remind you of my GIVEAWAY which is still going  for one more week, so if you haven't entered yet, what are you waiting for??!!
Organizing this giveaway was much fun to me, so you can bet it won't be the last time! This was also a way for me to have an important feedback from readers as what they think about my blog. I'm most interested in knowing your honest opinion. BUT, of course, I can't change everything of everything, because it would stop being MY blog, wouldn't it?
In one thing I agree with a lot of you who had commented: the looks did not completely satisfied me.
As you may have noticed (well, not if it's the first time you visit the blog!) I've introduced a few changes to the way my blog looks like. I've been intending to do that from the beginning, but I was a bit lazy and just picked one standard layout when I started the blog.
Now, I'm not a web designer or anything, so I keep a layout from blogger  because
I like having the sidebar and the tab bar, and all that. I like simple things, and blogger simplifies my life, so I take it.
I've changed the colours to a more cold-neutral tones (of course purple-ish had to be part of it ;)). But above all I've tried to choose something that goes with my personality, my blog, and that I LIKE. 
I don't mean to be rude or anything, but I'm over thirty and life has taught me YOU JUST CAN'T MAKE EVERYONE HAPPY. I've chosen a background that I consider feminine, romantic and somewhat simple without being plain, because that's how I see myself. I really hope you like it, but if you don't, well, just bear with it, LOL!!
As for the rest of your suggestions, I've appreciated a lot your insights. I've read and evaluated every single one, and some things sounded great to me, and some others just won't do for me. 
I'll try to play with the tab bar under my blog header, so that you'll have ease of access to different things going on (challenge posts, special occasion nail art e.g. Valentine's Day, etc). I've also considered introducing a tab with "About me" subject. But I'm still thinking about it. I've added a "Wishlist" tab with the polishes I'm longing to own and a tab that leads to a list of nail art techniques I'd love to try. And I will most likely do something about the labels cloud which is unreadable! LOL
The small changes are just "cosmetic" and the spirit of my blog remains intact, this is my HOBBY. As much as I love to write, interact, and play with nail polish, I do not do this for a living and I do have a BUSY REAL LIFE going on, so I'm not to the point to even consider buying new cameras, tripods, lamps, or modifying rooms of my home, spending any more time and money that I do already for this blog (I'm considering to spend less, in fact). And that does not mean I do not love you to pieces ;D !!!
Looking forward to read your feedback!


  1. I love your new look on your blog. Looks fresh and warm. And you say that it feels like you, so I guess you are a warm person. :-)Great job!

  2. just do it in a way that makes it fun for you!

  3. Ciao Nati!! :D
    This new look looks great!! :D It feels so you! At least as I've got to know you :) Great job!
    I agree on the hobby bit too. Some people take their blogs FAR too seriously... You almost end up worrying about some of them actually... ;)
    I'm feeling a tiny bit better today for the first time since last Friday :) You know what that means, don't you...??? ;) Soon I'll be out there shopping polishes :D
    Baci cara!

    1. So glad to hear you're better, bella! Now is our turn: my baby and I have the flu AGAIN! I'm so fed up with this winter...
      Hopefully tomorrow I'll go to the post office. I'll write to you then.
      baci xxx!

  4. Anonymous30/1/13 21:19

    I like the new look ;)) It is lovely and easy on the eyes :D the label cloud is laaaaaarge indeed but that's not quite a problem

    1. Hi roxy-ch, i'm glad you like it. I'm thinking to divide the labels by category, I'll see how to do that. xx

  5. I like this new look a lot! It feels more personal and maybe more you than the other one! :D I really like the colors, if my blog weren't green I would probably had gone for purple too.. ;) So awesomeness!

    I also agree with you that blogging is a hobby and shouldn't be a forced task that must be done and that you must spend money on it. It should be fun and easy; effortless. But sure, if anyone want to spend money on cameras etc it's okay too, only if it is for their own sake, and not for the blog itself only if you know what I mean. :)

    1. Hi Gelic! I know what you mean exactly, and I can't agree more! I do this for fun, and my best reward is the nice bond I get with you and my lovely friend-bloggers. Of course I spend some money on my hobby (to buy polishes and makeup I love) but even if I didn't have a blog I'd be buying them all the same! As you said, I'm happy that it looks pretty, but I don't want to become slave of it.

  6. Salut Nati, first and foremost I came to really really like you as a Blogger friend (if you allow me to say so), so your layout frankly is not high on my priorities but what you so kindly share with us - thank you for letting us participate in your interests and experiences. What I really like with your Blog it is authentic as is your layout. I read your Blog on my iPad and this shows a bit different. What I find the most important is that text and pictures are not getting suffocated by background and "decoration". I quit following some Blogs because they were too "busy" in their layout - if you know what I mean. So in short - I really like your new layout. And by the way, same with me, no camera (take all pictures with my phone), no lightbox et al - LOVE xxx

    1. My lovely Christine, your comment is really moving, in the sense that I truly never expected such a nice bond with a person like you would happen! This is one of the main reasons why I blog! I know you have a solid background, and many of the girls have, but I just like "decoration", lol! it might not be the best for reading, I know...
      btw your pics are really great for a phone! I do have a camera, but is the family camera, not mine, and certainly not the "blog's camera"

    2. Salut chérie, oh please don't get me wrong about decoration. I was referring to a blog that used such bold colors that the text was hardly noticeable for my poor old eyes and even my reading glasses did not help. Of course this example is extreme. Ja, I agree, having met people like you is the salt of blogging as you would say in German.

  7. The new look is great! Very pretty


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