Jan 31, 2013

The Battle Challenge: #14 inspired by Childhood vs. Future

Hello Dears!! Todays is the 14th Battle of this Challenge and is a battle of Inspiration between Childhood vs. Future. I've chosen Childhood!  I was a child during the 80's and back then graffiti was a big trend, specially among some groups of young people.
So I've decided to do graffiti nails! Of course do not expect an spectacular free handed nail art, but just the perfect occasion to wear my Essence gel like nail stickers in 03 Berlin's most wanted.

These were very quick easy to apply and to my surprise they lasted very well during three days without peeling (except for one nail, which started having a bubble underneath the sticker which evntually peeled off, but it might have been my mistake when applying it). Some of them held on really well and I had a hard time getting them off.
On the downside, these are really small! I do not have large nails and these didn't completely covered the width of my nails. Also you can see my nails aren't very long, but my ring and middle fingernails were slightly longer than the sticker! So, these are meant for really short nails!

I like the final look, and definitely should try this on top of some bright colour. Have you tried this kind of stickers? what do you think about them?

Please, don't forget to check what the other participants have done to their nails to represent this battle!
Citygirl907 (host)


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  1. Ciao bella Nati!
    These look really cool!! :D
    I remember the graffiti art in the 80's! :D Hot pattern for clothes too back then ;)
    What a pity that they made the stickers so small! A lot of people have much larger nail than that!! Weird...
    Stammi bene!

    1. Ciao Jezzica! Grazie for your comment. Yes I remember those patterns for clothes, it was quite fun!
      I don't know why they've done the stickers so small, my hubby thinks they're for children :P
      bacioni! xx

  2. Great result! I used to love graffiti as a child, I still like it (it's obvious from the first look on my blog lol), and I also like "newspaper nails" and all the similar designs :)

    1. Hi ritterbraten! you're right you have some "street art" as background, that's cool!
      I know there's a stamping plate for newspaper nails but I do not own it :(

  3. oh these are so cute !! Wonder why they made them so small !!

    1. Hi Vicky! thanks for your comment!
      giving a second thought, these cost only CHF 3.50 while most drugstore stickers (l'oréal, maybelline) are around CHF 12.00, so I think the way the get to offer such a price is the product is not perfect... well that is just me guessing!

  4. I always wanted to try those Essence stickers but I thought they are a waste of money, but now I'll probably try some :) It looks great :)

    1. Hi Zala! yes they do look great, but make sure your nails are super clean before applying or you'll get bubbles and it will end up peeling.
      would love to see pictures if you try them!

  5. Hello dear Nati!!! I love this look on you - beautiful <3!!! I saw the applics displayed and found them miniscule. My nails have not very even sizes - pinkie is super small, thumb is big so for me those nail covering applications are not really tempting!! Ah ja Graffiti, I remember ;-)! And not always at its best at least with us. We ended up seeing the absolutely weirdest combinations you can think of :-S I find the selectuon of your mani very theme appropriate and it made me smile reading your post xxx

    1. Hi Christine! I know what you mean, at first sight I thought indeed they were meant for children, lol! but you know, with so many gorgeous polishes who the heck wants stickers anyway??!!
      I know what you mean about "not at its best", lol, the 80's were a pretty (ridiculous) grotesque era in fashion. I think you either embrace it or hate it!
      I'm glad you enjoyed it! xxx

  6. wow, these are stickers? i was sure from the pics you did a newspaper thingy. i will have to give it a go!

    1. Hi Shine eye! you surely would have to try!


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