From the left: Julie, Gie Gie, Piaf, Jacqueline, Neely, Blu

Look what was on my mail box today!
I got the whole Zoya Lovely collection from for USD 49.00 (including shipping fees) . It took 15 days to arrive, but I chose the cheapest shipping method, so I think is acceptably fast.
Every year I get a spring collection, (well except 2012 when I was on a polish-break). And I'm really happy with this one. It's my favourite collection of all the previews for Spring that I've been seeing so far. I know, you're thinking about the Color Club Halo Hues for Spring, but I'm not that much a holo girl. While I'd like to get one or two shades, I wouldn't buy a whole holo collection.
At first sight, it looks like all the "Lovely" colours are unique in my collection, there's only one  I might have a dupe of, it's Zoya Blu. I have yet to try on the nail but on the bottle it looks exactly the same than Essie Borrowed and blue. So if you own the Essie shade you might want to give it a second thought before getting Zoya Blu. For the rest of the shades, none of my colours is even near to them.
I can't wait to swatch them, and share them with you. But I want to wait for a sunny day to have good pictures. So stay tuned!
What do you think about Zoya Lovely? Is this a collection that appeals to you for Spring? Have you already got any of the shades?