Hello my dears! Happy Friday to all! Any nice plans for the weekend?
I have great news today: Catrice LE polishes are here AND I have swatches for you! Are you ready?  The whole collection counts 5 nail polishes of which I've picked 4. To see the whole collection click here.

It's been a long time since I liked a Catrice LE colection nail polishes this much! So I was very excited to do the swatches, plus I had some sunlight too, so I could get some decent pictures.
Onto the swatches! (all swatches are without topcoat)
Note: I do not post large pictures today because they're so many! but you can always enlarge them by clicking on each image.

First is C01 Discreet Artist. This is a very pale pink creme, sheer but buildable to a decent opacity. The formula is not bad, but it is a little streaky as this shades usually are. I applied two regular coats and you can still see the nail line. But personally I don't mind.

 Next is C02 Picked Cherry Blossoms. This is a hot pink creme with subtle shimmer, the shimmer is visible in the sun, but it does not show in every lighting. The formula was average, not too thick not too thin, and it had good coverage on the first coat, but I did two to give more depth to the colour.

The following is a wonderful indigo shimmer named C04 Dance in Gion. This applied wonderfully! It was a little sheer on the first coat so this one definitely needs two coats. Great formula!

And last but not least we have C05 Planet Tokyo. WOW, this colour is stunning, it is a medium BRIGHT green creme, which is not neon at all. This baby has the best formula of the bunch (and I thought one couldn't beat Dance in Gion) This are two coats, it practically applied by itself! I'm so happy I got this one! I believe it's a must-have.

I know what you're thinking: we've already seen these shades before, they can't be that good, etc. So, I prepared some comparisons for you!
I went through my stash and picked the most similar colours (in my collection). Take a close look!

Catrice Picked Cherry blossoms VS. OPI La Paz-itively hot. They look so similar in the bottle, but are they on the nails?

Here is the Catrice shade on all fingers except the middle finger which has the OPI shade. The latter has more blue undertones and blue shimmer as well, so I'd say in this case that justifies owning both of them! ;)  If I could choose only one, I'd keep the OPI shade because it's such a classic.

Catrice Dance in Gion VS OPI Tomorrow never dies. These two look slightly different on the bottle. The OPI Shade looks more indigo-blue and the Catrice one leans more to purple.

But on the nail there's very little difference! (OPI shade on ring finger) Well, the OPI shade has that particular effect that the shades blackens towards the edges. Which gives the impression of colour depth. I'm not sure this slight difference justifies owning them both. Notice, that I painted 2 coats of Catrice, while the OPI shade needed 3. If I could choose only one, I'd keep the Catrice on because of its great formula and the price!! If you were considering buying the OPI, you should know Catrice retails for 4,95CHF.

Catrice Planet Tokyo VS. Essie Pretty Edgy. Pretty similar on the bottle, hum... but I still see a difference!

On the nail the difference is obvious! (Essie shade on ring finger) I would keep both of them because Pretty Edgy has been my beloved shade of green each Summer since it came out, and I still love it so much. But I think the Catrice shade will take its priority this Spring! Look how bright it looks on this picture!

Well, I hope this review & comparison has been helpful in any way, whether you were planning to buy Catrice or other shades. Let me know your opinion, and of course, which is your favorite shade!


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