Hello my dear readers! How is your weekend going? Hope you're enjoying it!
What I'd like to share with you today is another idea for Valentine's Day nails. And Of course, this is about RED NAILS! I don't know what about your mr./hubby/boyfriend/etc. but mine, just loves red nails. When I asked him why he always chooses red for my nails his answer was "because red is the colour of love" (?!).

Ok, let's skip my possible comments to this and let's move onto my choice for today. For this mani I've used 2 coats of H&M nail polish Je t'aime (so, so appropriate). And I tried an accent nail drawing concentric hearts with gold and the H&M red. My NYX nailart polish in gold would have been great if it haden't had such a runny consistency. I just ruined everything twice until I decided to use another polish. I picked Maybelline The winner takes it all! and instead of using a nail art brush (which I do not own) I used a dotting tool for drawing the hearts. Well the result is not the greatest. I surely need to get some sort of nail art brush, any suggestions?
Seen from afar is quite decent all in all, and anyway nobody goes around with a macro lens to watch peoples nails, lol!

I'd love to know what are you planning to wear on your nails for Valentine's Day, so if you've done a special mani don't hesitate to share the link in the comments!!