Hello everyone! How is your weekend so far? I hope you're enjoying it!
Today I wanted to share with you one habit I've come to acquire with time and it is blotting paper. I've only used NYX regular blotting paper until now, and can't compare with other brands paper, so I would love to hear your comments on this. I think it was last year (correct me if I'm wrong) that NYX launched special treatment blotting paper, and I'm glad I finally decided to pick up these two.

I have a combination skin, and lately also prone to acne. This is unbareble sometimes, because as a teenager I never had one blemish and my girl friends went like "oh, why is it your skin as baby skin!!". Well, that isn't the case any more.

NYX Tea Tree blotting paper

NYX Blemish control blotting paper

These are two different kinds of blotting paper: NYX Tea Tree blotting paper and NYX Blemish control blotting paper. I have found the tea tree blotting paper much better than the regular one because I actually get the sensation of "clean skin" whenever I start feeling my T-zone of the face oily and I'm wearing makeup. While the blemish control paper is meant to blot when you have breakouts and wearing foundation, for instance. Please, notice that these do not replace necessary treatment for acne prone skin. But surely help better than regular paper.
Do you use blotting paper regularly? Which is your favourite blotting paper? Have you tried these yet?
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