Nail Look for Carnival: Essence cracking polish over Life is a Freeride

Hello lovelies! How was your weekend? Hope you had a great time and that you're starting the week in the best way.
Today I decided it was time to put some motivation to my nail art. You know, December and the Holidays Season brought many excuses to do nail art, and since January began, all my nail art has been dedicated solely to the once per week challenge I'm in. So I thought I'm definitely one to need some excuse, and I found two very good excuses!!
First Mardi Gras is on the 12th February this year and Valentine's Day is on the 14th February (that's every year), so I thought that would give me two wonderful excuses to do some crazy manicures and some girly manicures as well!!

So, What I have for you today is my very first manicure (and may be last?) using cracking polish. Honestly I do not like to wear cracking polish. Eventually I came to the conclusion that the only occasion that might justify putting cracking polish on my nails would be Carnival! (please, this is only my opinion, no offence to all cracking polish lovers <3)
For this manicure I've layered Nail art cracking top coat in Crack me! Pearly pink over Essence Life is a Freeride (see the swatch here). I think the cracking effect is quite visible even if I could not get a good picture with natural light.

I would love to know: Do you celebrate Carnival? Are there any special celebration in your country/ city? If so Would love to know the details!! Do people wear costumes for this occasion? Would you enjoy to see manicures inspired on Carnival Costumes? I'd love to read your comments on the subject!


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  1. Anonymous21/1/13 19:03

    Muy bonita esta combinación que has hecho :)

    El crackle de essence me encanta casi sobre cualquier color. Yo lo probé sobre lila y queda espectacular también ;)


    1. Gracias Mari, la verdad es que funcionó muy bien.

  2. like it over blue, looks nice!

  3. Ciao Nati! :D
    I honestly don't like crackle polish at all... but somehow this combo was pretty cool! ;) Maybe because it's a glitter crackle polish...? ;)
    Hope you have received my e-mail :)
    Stammi bene!

    1. Ciao Jezzica! I know what you mean, I don' like crackle either, and the only reason I picked it was because it's a glitter!
      btw I've just answered to your email!
      bacioni xxx

  4. I am not a big fan of crackling nail polishes, but I want this one, don't know why.. It's a bit different I think :)

  5. Hi Nati, while frankly not a fan of crackling polish I love your mani!!! Such a joyful and happy color combination!!! I am living on the doorstep of Basel, you might have heard that Carneval is very different with us from anywhere else - it starts later, this year on 18 Feb and lasts only for three days. I am no big fan of it though and it takes a fair share of effort to get around it ;-) - xxx

  6. wow, i love this combination :))

  7. I never like crackles but I always try them on with the hope that it will be nice (or amazing). But it never is... haha. However this combination was really cool. I haven't tried any matallic crackle and this looked really nice!

    Here in Sweden we don't have a carnival or mardi gras festival like that. However we do have a day called mardi gras, but in swedish of cause (fettisdag), there is no festivities but many people eat a cream bun called "semla". It is a specially seasoned sponge cake filled with marsipan and cream and powder sugar on top. :)

  8. lovely color too bad is crack polish

    1. el color es bello pero no se no me late mucho lo del crack polish no se


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