Hello my dears! How are you today?
One week ago I received the most awesome nailmail from my "Polish Fairy" Christine from Polished Marvels blog. No kidding! she sent me 5 fantastic nail polish that I'll be showing to you soon, but it wasn't only about polish, she included this fantastic blush from Essence Vintage District Limited Edition in 01 It's Popul-Art. This lady rocks!

This is such a pretty blush I almost felt sorry to use it and destroy the beautiful design! This blush has THREE shades, yes you red well, THREE.  Besides the two shades you're seeing on the picture above there is a third shade UNDER the ancient gold that is covering the pretty flower on the design.

Yep, the ancient gold is very very pigmented (very) but is only a thin layer decorating the blush, beneath which (how interesting is that?) you have another shade. It looks like this:

So here are the swatches:

From left to right: The ancient gold shade, the darker shade (a matte intense appricot) blended with the gold (looks almost like a bronzer to me!), and the matte peachy shade on the right.
I own many blushes, but this one is pretty unique in my collection, and I bet is pretty unique in any collection! I guess, colour wise, this blush will suit better a tanned complexion (at least this is true for me). But yes, I would wear it on my "winter" paleness, for an edgy look!
A Huge thanks to Christine, again, and please, let me know your thoughts about it.