Hello, sweeties! Only a few days to the end of 2018 and it seems a good moment to look back and recap. I have already shown you and talk to you about the 10 skincare products that rocked my world this year, you can check that here. I have also discovered and used a few wonderful items this 2018 that I am absolutely OBSESSED about! Keep reading to find out which my favourites are :)

Some of my favourite makeup items this year
It may seem strange, because I'm posting makeup looks all the time, but this year I haven't bought a great deal of new makeup. In fact, I've changed my approach to makeup a bit and I'm not running after every new limited edition and collection launch out there. I lost interest in "collecting" makeup and my need for using what I already own in different and creative ways has grown (check my buy less/use more posts series here). I am also more and more interested in new skincare than makeup lately, so I'm more prone to using my money to buy potions and lotions than to buy colours and palettes. That being said, there has been a few chosen makeup items that I am crazy about and I think are totally worth your attention. Let's take a closer look, shall we?

NYX Glitter Primer 

I haven't written a proper review on this primer, which is totally a shame! I haven't had the time to tell you how awesome this primer is to hold shimmer and glitter on your eyelids, especially if you have hooded eyes like me. This little primer gives more vibrancy to the colours, prevents the products from creasing, migrating or transferring, and makes my looks last so much longer. It is also much more affordable than the famous Too Faced glitter glue and it contains the same amount of product. What's not to love about it?!

Real Techniques PowderBleu brushes 

There hasn't been one day of 2018 that I haven't used one of my PowderBleu brushes. I simply love them! These are designed to apply powder products flawlessly. Made with synthetic materials, these brushes deliver a result just as good as the most expensive real hair Japanese brush! They are easy to clean and last for very long without losing the shape or quality, they are affordable and have a very chic design! Find out more about them here.

Wetnwild PhotoFocus Foundation, Concealer and Powder*: all you need for your complexion 

I told you I don't buy many makeup items lately, this is true for everything, except for foundation. I do like to test new foundations all the time. I have currently 11 (eleven) new foundations unopened waiting to be tested. So you can imagine I am always trying to switch between foundations and trying to give you feedback about them, which means it is very difficult and unlikely for me to finish up a bottle of foundation. That being said, this year I used up 3 bottles of Wetnwild PhotoFocus Foundation, 3 PhotoFocus compact powders and 4 tubes of PhotoFocus Concealer. I LOVE this range, they have so many advantages, the quality is so outstanding for such a ridiculously low price! Please, do yourself a favour and check my review here.

Gabriella Salvete Waterproof Retractable eyepencils* 

This year I could discover this new European Brand and appreciated many of their products. But there is one that made it to my top ten favourites and is their retractable pencils. These are creamy, super pigmented, waterproog, smudge proof, everything-proof! Their colour range is varied, although quite traditional, but they have a beautiful teal blue, a vibrant purple, black and white, different shades of brown and my favourite the plum one. I use them on a daily basis and can't do my makeup without them! (find out more here)

Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Palette

The Beautiful Norvina Palette has definitely rocked my workld. I love the brand and own many of their palettes, but this one is my new go to palette! I love it to pieces, it is so versatile and the quality is so great. I have alsoready rave about it in many occasions, so I will keep it short. But if you love eyeshadow, you need this palette i your life. (Find more about it here)

Fenty Beauty Uncensored Lipstick

I'll be completely honest with you. For over a year (since summer 2017) I haven't bought one single lipstick because I was so in love with my Wetnwild Liquid catsuit lipsticks. But The truth is, as a beauty blogger, I couldn't keep ignoring the tsunami that took over and shook completely the makeup market last year: Fenty Beauty. I know there has been much raving about their foundations, but I had no interest in that. I was naturally drawn to their lipstick range and I found my happiness in this beautiful, gorgeous, outstanding red liquid lipstick that I have been obsessed with ever since I got it. I simply LOVE it! (read my review here).

Essence Cosmetics Super Precise Eyeliner

The most affordable makeup range in Switzerland is Essence Cosmetics. Their range is vast and they have some really incredible products for their low price. One of them is this eyeliner. I can't believe this costs under 3USd, but it is true. It is the best for my ageing skin because it is so precise and easy to apply even on my wrinkles, and imperfections! When we get older we tend to grvitate towards more expensive brands thinking we need more sophisticated products, while it can be truth for skincare, in this case I think this very affordable eyeliner is the way to go if you still want to rock your impeccable black wings after 40!!

 BH Cosmetics Zodiac Palette

This beautiful palette has been my companion through the whole year 2018, for creating all my crazy, original, bold, edgy and colourful makeup looks! I love everything about it, the tetures, finishes, colours, instense pigmentation, good quality and affordable price. I would recommend it to anyone who likes to be creative with their makeup and isn't afraid of colour! Find all the looks I've created with it right here.

 Skindinavia Makeup Setting Spray

Last, but certainly not least, the setting spray by Skidinavia. I've tried a ton of setting sprays and always come back to my original Skindinavia. What a product! It is trusty, keeps my makeup in place no matter the weather, making it last longer without ever looking cakey. It doesn't itch or disrupt my sensitive skin, the mist is super fine and homogenous, I LOVE it! Find out more details here.


So that was my recap for this year's makeup obsessions! I hope you find it interesting and do not hesitate to leave me a comment telling me what products have you discovered and loved this year!


*These items were gifted to me as PR samples. I'm not compensated to write about them. All opinions are honest and 100% my own. This article may contain Affiliated links.