Generally speaking, the concern for taking care of one's skin has grown in recent years. It's not only my impression! Call it a trend, or awareness that comes with the new generations, truth is that the earlier you start caring for your skin, the longer you will profit of a youthful looking skin. This is like maths, right?
Of course, the skincare industry is in a flourishing moment, new brands, new products, reviewed formulations, new techniques, appear everyday and it can be a bit overwhelming, right?
I considered myself a beauty freak and even I feel overwhelmed by all the newness all the time!
But there is nothing to panic about because there is no point in trying everything (if that was even humanly possible) just focusing on what works for YOU.
This year, I had the opportunity to test many (I really mean MANY) new and not so new, skincare products and found a few little gems that completely changed the game for me. Keep reading to find out what I'm talking about!

Here above, a few of the products I have loved this year!
Let's take a look up close, Shall we?

Filorga One-week Anti-Wrinkle trial kit 

I had the chance to try this set thanks to the distributor in Switzerland who gifted me. Where do I begin? I can't understand how, why? I haven't discovered this brand earlier!! The Filorga skincare is super efficient, this trial set left my skin looking younger in only one week!
This French skincare brand takes things very seriously and professionally, they develop products aiming to different skincare issues, but primarily all those related to ageing skin. If you are near 40 years old (and above) you might be most interested in this range. I guide you through the whole Filorga concept, ingredients and treatments in my dedicated post here.

Anne Marie Boerlind Anti-ageing Hand Creme

You know I am a nail blogger, so I am continuosly taking pictures of my hands up close. When the cold season begins, sometimes my hands' skin look so terrible, and feels so dry, that this discourage me to show many pictures of them. There are only very few hand creams that are really GOOD, but they are also usually very expensive. Well, don't fret. This hand cream here just completely changed the appearance of my hands in winter. It's simply unbelievable. I tell you more about it here.

Wildhorn Swiss Alpine Regenerating Facial Oil

Until I was 30, I dind't know that facial oil was actually a thing. About 4 years ago, I faced a big change in my skin, was it age? was it climat? what was it? I don't know! My skin, which is naturally normal to dry, became drier and drier, especially in winter! It was a nightmare! My makeup look hideous on me because the skin was rough and flaky. So I introduced some facial oil to my routine and everything improved. I got used to using oil on my face, especially at nightime. I had tried a few, some really good, some kind of meh. Until this little bottle came to my life and... well I truly have no words! It improved my skin in so many ways! If you have dry ageing skin, this is the way to go. (Mor details here).

REFICIS Sublimessence Beautifying Quenching Potion

Of all the serums and essences I tested this year, this was by far my favourite. It is great on dry and dehydrated skin as well. It leaves skin moistured, plumped, luminous, more plumped. It is also a vegan product and one that is formulated respecting the environment. The brand is a local one, with very highstandards of productions, so they make a limited number of these, which are all things I value when I choose the produts I use! Find out more about it here.

Benton Snail Bee Essence 

This is another of my favourite this year! If I put on a scale I'd say I prefer the Reficis potion BETTER than this one, but I must also admit that this Korean Brand is much more budget friendly, and if you are on a budget, this one is a great choice!
Of course this is NOT vegan, as part of its ingredients are derived from animals. But the effect on the skin are remarkable for a product of its price! It moisturizes, reduces fine lines, soothes and smoothes the skin. If you want to know more about about it, read my dedicated review here.

Premier Prestige Miracle Noir Mask

HOLY canoli!! I've tried so many, SO MANY different face masks this year, that it would be difficult to count them. But if I have to choose only one, that wouldn't be difficult. At all! This one would be it. It basically does EVERYTHING my skin needs. It moisturises, soothes inflammation or irritation, smoothes fine lines, gives a plumper effect, illuminates skin, and it is so very pleasant to use! The only down point is that I'm too poor to buy it :( It is quite costly I must admit, but using it is almost like getting a facial in a Dead Sea Beauty Institute, so comparing to that is less expensive, LOL.
Find out everything about this Face mask with minerals from the Dead Sea in my review.

Cellullar Eye contour Definition by La Colline

This eyecream is not your regular eyecream. This actually helped me with my sagging eyelids which now are much firmer and have receded making my eyes look definitely more open. I never thought there was a product capable of doing that, and I was sure my eyelids problem was something that would eventually need chirurgical intervention. Well, it has improved so much! I definitely recommend it if you have saggy eyelids! Read more about it here.

Premier Dead Sea Aromatherapy Facial Exfoliating Gel 

I am not fan of physical exfoliators, but I'm fan of this one! I love smooth and clean it leaves my skin. But definitely what makes me love it is the experience of using it, more specifically the texture and the smell! I love it! Find out more about it here.

Mandelic Acid 5% Skin Prep water By Wishtrend

Here is one for which I don't have a proper picture and I have not written a proper review (although I have shared my thoughts about it here). This is the first (and only, until now) toner with acid that my face loves. I don't have sensitive skin (well, a litlle bit yes, but nothing serious), but somehow most popular toners with AHA or BHA are incompatible with my skin! For many years my routine went on without an acid, until I decided to try this Mandelic acid by Wishtrend. It is very gently but very efficient at the same time. It makes my skin look so much younger and also it helps other products work better because it preps the skin.
How can I put it to you? If you are 35+, your skin is dry, or you have pigmentation or spots, or a dull complexion, you need this! It is ot very expensive and a bottle lasts a long time! What's not to love!

Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel with Marula Oil

Last but not least, my favourite makeup remover/cleanser of this year. I know everyone it is still going crazy for Clinique Take the day off. But I love this one by Clarins even more. The reason? I find it more efficient and much gentler on my skin, also, in my opinion, the texture is more pleasant and in my experience, the packaging is more practical!


So that was my recap for this year's skincare journey! I hope you find it interesting and do not hesitate to leave me a comment telling me what products have you discovered and loved this year!