Hello, sweeties! How are you today?
I'm super happy, you know, when I talk about good skin care I can't hide or dissimulate my excitement, lol.
I have recently had the pleasure to discover some of the newest products of the Swiss brand REFICIS. They've recently launched a new skincare range called "Sublimessence" that aims to treat skin imperfections gently, boost radiance and regenerate your skin. I like this brand so much because is vegan, organic, cruelty-free and super luxurious. I had the opportunity to try three products from this range: The REFICIS Sublimessence Beautifying Quenching Potion*, The REFICIS Sublimessence Beautifying exfoliating Cream* and the REFICIS Sublimessence Beautifying Regenerating Exfoliator* for the body and I'm ready to share my thoughts with you.

The brand

I've talked to you about this brand in the past, it's not new to me, but maybe it is for some of you!
Reficis is a Swiss brand that makes very high quality "eco-luxe", organic, Vegan products. The founder of the brand has a holistic vision of beauty, including art, poetry and creativity, that she aims to translate into high-performance and 100% natural skincare. to sublimate each individual beauty while respecting all forms of life.

The range "Sublimessence", which is French for "sublime essence" has been conceived to treat delicately the skin imperfections while giving new radiance to the skin and helping it regenerate.
The main active in this range is the Swiss dandelion, which is purifying, anti-oxidant, regenerating, anti-wrinkles, skin softener, healing, and brightening, thanks to its high contents of vitamins A, B, C and oligo-elements.

The Sublimessence range is 100% Vegan, eco-friendly, natural and cruelty-free! You can hardly ask more to a brand.

REFICIS Sublimessence Beautifying exfoliating Cream

The exfoliating cream cleanses the skin deeply, getting rid of impurities that clog the pores. It smoothes and refines the skin accelerating the cellular renewal, revealing a softer and brighter skin.

This cream/mask is rich in multi active vegetal peptides, vegetal stem cells and emollients. The exfoliating power works at two different levels:

  • First, the AHA and BHA exfoliate gently and chemically, encouraging a faster cellular renewal
  • Second, the jojoba wax grains tone the skin while massaging and improving skin oxygenation.

The Rosehip powder brightens the complexion and it smoothes nd refines the skin.
The Alpine plant extracts and the clarifying essential oils act on irregular skin pigmentation. The manjishta powder contributes to a brighter and younger complexion thanks to its anti-dark spot properties.
The Hyaluronic acid and the vegetal collagen revitalise the skin impeeding its dehydration.
As a result the skin is exfoliated without irritation, becoming smoother and brighter with the repeated uses.


  • Deeply cleanses the skin
  • Smoothes and refines skin texture
  • Reduces dark spots and unifies the complexion
  • Tonifies and softens
  • Brightens the complexion as you use

Key active ingredients:

  • Organic Swiss Dandelion extract
  • Organic Swiss Licorice root
  • Organic Edelweiss extract
  • Organic Raspberries stem cells
  • Vegetable collagen
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Organic Rosehip
  • Manjishta


On a slightly moistened skin, apply a small amount of the exfoliating cream, gently massage in small circular motions, let the treatment work for 1 to 3 minutes and rinse.

My experience

My skin has changed greatly in the past 6 months, because of some medicine I'm taking. I've always had dry skin, but lately, this has worsened and also many breakouts and impurities for no reason (other than hormonal) appear here and there. It's bee a struggle because I can't bear most exfoliating acids (AHA, BHA) because my skin is so sensitive.

When I first read about this physical exfoliator I was curious and excited that this could be a good solution to exfoliate my skin and help it recover from the breakouts without stripping it.

The exfoliating cream doesn't feel exactly like a cream, but like a lightweight oil with a grainy texture. Those grains are the powder and grain ingredients to exfoliate are all from plant origin. As most of the products of the brand, the exfoliating cream has a dominant herbal scent that lingers after application. It is quite pleasant for me but if you don't like herbal scents this might bother you. I moisten my skin lightly with water and then apply a really small amount of the cream and massage for about 2 minutes, let it sit for a couple of minutes and rinse it off.

I have been using this exfoliating twice per week for the past three weeks and I can say it's a winner! It has done a great job helping me get rid of impurities and brightening up my skin. My skin feels softer and looks definitely more elastic and younger when I use this exfoliating cream. I'm thinking of starting using it more often to see if it works on my hyperpigmentation. I have several dark spots due to hormonal pigmentation (melasma) but until now I haven't noticed a change. I think that now that I'm sure the product is very gentle I can try using it every other day to see what happens!

The REFICIS Sublimessence Beautifying exfoliating Cream contains 30ml, it retails for CHF 109.90 and is available here.

REFICIS Sublimessence Beautifying Regenerating Exfoliator

The regenerating exfoliator is enriched with active alpine plants and anti-oxidants. It exfoliates the skin gently freeing it from dead cells and impurities and revealing its brightness and softness.


  • Smooth and soften
  • Regenerates and illuminates
  • Refines skin texture and unifies


On a slightly moistened skin, apply a small amount of the exfoliating cream, gently massage in small Apply to moistened skin, do circular massage with emphasis on knees, elbows and heels. Leave on for 1 minute then rinse with clear water.

My experience

This body Exfoliator looks, feels and smells exactly like the Exfoliating cream. That is such a luxurious treat for the body skin because I don't think my regular body exfoliator contains any of the amazing ingredients present in this one. I have been using it twice per week in the shower and it's been like an SPA at home. I love the herbal scent and my bathroom smells heavenly when I finish my shower. My skin feels so smooth and hydrated, It's definitely a lush experience!

This jar has a shelf life of six months, and I'm counting to use and enjoy to the very last drop of it. Sadly, I don't think I'll repurchase it because it is out of my budget. I don't use to spend so much on body skincare, the only reason being I'm broke. If your budget allows you to indulge in some luxurious self-pampering go ahead!

The REFICIS Sublimessence Beautifying Regenerating Exfoliator contains 100ml, it retails for CHF 149.90 and is available here.

REFICIS Sublimessence Beautifying Quenching Potion

A beauty potion to hydrate the skin, regenerate it and brighten it. This elixir enriched with antioxidants is an ally for dehydrated sensitive skin, dull, without tone, in need of a light moisturizer and effective to treat dehydrated skin.
The sublimating thirst-quenching potion is a cocktail of organic alpine plants to target the causes of inflammation, dehydration and dark spots.

  • Moisturizes and revitalizes
  • Supports the production of collagen and softens
  • Regenerates and brings radiance
  • Soothes and protects from the effects of pollution

Key active ingredients:
  • Organic Lemon hydrosol
  • Organic Damascus rose hydrosol
  • Organic Burdock extract
  • Organic Calendula extract
  • Organic Swiss Dandelion extract
  • Organic Swiss Licorice root
  • Organic Edelweiss extract
  • Hyaluronic acid


After cleansing, toning and boosting your skin, apply the Beautifying quenching potion as a serum.

My experience

This beautifying potion is exactly like a serum, it's consistency is very liquidy, although is thicker and smoother than water, it penetrates the skin almost immediately without leaving any sticky or oily feeling. I've been using it morning and evening for three weeks, I apply around 4 drops to my entire face and it's more than enough. It feels like nothing on the skin which is a great plus in the hot months of summer, but it definitely keeps my skin super soft and moisturized throughout the day! My dehydrated skin is happy again thanks to this potion that has become a new favourite of mine.
Even though my breakouts continue because those are due to my hormones and no skincare can defeat that, my skin is in a much better state using both the exfoliating cream and the quenching potion. First, my skin is hydrated again, plumper and more elastic. Also, my breakout areas are decongested and no longer appear irritated. The whole skin appears smoother and softer. I can't give you an honest feedback about my dark spots, because what is activating the pigmentation on my skin is the hormonal medicine I'm taking and for as long as I continue to take it. So it wouldn't be fair for me to say that this serum did nothing, because my medication is probably the reason for it.

The beautifying quenching potion is my absolute favourite of the three products I've tested and one I'd probably repurchase. The REFICIS Sublimessence Beautifying Quenching Potion contains 30ml, it retails for CHF 174.90 and is available here.

Bottom Line

All in all, I think Reficis has nailed it with these new products! They all are made of the finest quality ingredients, respecting both nature and the skin with gentleness, but still very effective. A real pleasure to apply, they provide an SPA at home experience, a pure delight.

Did you know the Luxury Skincare brand Reficis? Do you care for Vegan and environment-friendly products? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


*PR sample. One or more products have been given to me for free. My opinions are 100% honest and my own. This article does not contain affiliated links.