Hello, sweeties!
It's high time to recap September and share with you some products I've been obsessing with the whole month. I made an effort to shorten my list as much as possible, so I decided to leave out some products that I will be sharing with you on an empties post and also I decided to leave out clothing and shoes which I will either show you on Instagram stories or never, because I don't think I'll be ever doing a fashion post, lol!
Well, let's take a look back into September, shall we?

September passed way too fast for my taste, it was a heck of a busy month and I got to do many exciting things and meet amazing people. I went to Zurich to discover a new face oil and met there some very passionate people from the Vallais. I also went to Lausanne to the birthday party of my favourite makeup boutique in Switzerland, Cosmetics Obsession and got to see again the beautiful Laura, founder of the boutique and Charlotte, one of my favourite Swiss Bloggers. I also got the opportunity to go to Paris, thanks to TGV-SNCF offering an extraordinary cheap ticket, where I attended a fantastic event hosted by BeautyPress France. I also made my very first trip to the peaceful city of Gland, I couldn't visit a lot there, but I got to attend the presentation of new products by three amazing beauty brands: Filorga, La Sultane de Saba and LPG (which I will be presenting to you very soon!). I had a delightful evening and got to meet the lovely Valérie from @valbeautes and chat with my charming blogger friend Céline from @dismoiceline. The least I can say is it wasn't a boring month!
I could also fit some family fun this month, with a fantastic cruise on the Thun Lake, a visit to the Circus and a family bowling night. We had to cancel a hiking adventure because of bad weather, but we still have time to do that in October!

The products I will show you below aren't just my favourite of the month, I am literally obsessed with them, so I will be probably talking again about them and repurchasing them as well!

My September Beauty and Skincare Obsessions

Moroccanoil Hair Treatment

This brand has been praised for years on the different social media but I have never had the opportunity to try it until last July when I got a small deluxe size bottle for my seaside vacation. I loved it so much that I decided to get the big bottle, even though it is not precisely a cheap one. But it is so worthy! I have been obsessed about it, it nourishes my hair, and leaves it shiny, hydrated, but lightweight and silky! It's a winner and if you have thick and/or dry hair I would totally recommend it!

Mandelic Acid 5% Skin Prep water By Wishtrend

I saw this first at one of my fave beauty blogs "Reflexion of Sanity",  Shireen and me have similar skin types and age and we usually struggle with similar skin conditions (except the hyperpigmentation which I have and she doesn't). She presented this product AGES ago, and it was on top of my wishlist, but I got different products for the blog for testing and not all of them were compatible with an acid exfoliant like this so I kept putting this off! I bought my bottle, which stood unopen on the shelf for months! Until September when I finally decided to give it a go and OMYWORD! This is so good! This exfoliant is very efficient, it gives radiance and helps my skin getting rid of impurities without ever aggressing it! I have tried different fruit acids for chemical exfoliation in the past and they were all fails. Because my skin it's dry and somehow sensitive all of those felt terribly uncomfortable, made my skin red or irritated. Not with this one. I am so obsessed with this I completely changed my routine in order to fit it and the results are visible: brighter skin, pigmentation got lighter, skin texture got smoother and I got happier.

Wildhorn Swiss Alpine Regenerating Facial oil*

I have written a whole blogpost on this product here (which I encourage you to read) and I'm not near to end praising what this little bottle has done for my skin. I LOVE it. I have used other oils in the past, but I was somewhat iregular, I couldn't bring myself to that last "oily" step and usually noticed no improvements with those lighter oils so, why bother? But this oil, was a revelation. I put it one night and woke up to such a brilliant skin. I get similar results with expensive over night masks, which I don't actually like wearing. I can say the results I got convinced me to be consistent and apply it religiously and I'm super happy with it.

Juvena Skin Energy Moisture Eye cream

This little pot sat on my drawers unopen for way over a year. I got this on sale (actually it is quite expensive because Juvena is a high-end Swiss made skincare brand, and price goes accordingly) but immediately after buying it I started receiving a ton of press sample products and all of them involved eye creams! You know how it goes: eye creams have a really short shelf life after they've been open, and you only need a very small amount, so my advice is: do not open several at the same time or they will go to waste. That is what I do. I open one tube (max. two: one for am. one for pm.) at the time. In September, it finally was the turn of Juvena's cream to be opened and HOLYPOTIONS! This was definitely a slap on my face. I had been wearing another really expensive cream that was so miraculous that it actually got me rid of my upper lid wrinkles. After that magical tube was empty, I cried a little I was convinced I wouldn't find anything similar that'd be affordable for my budget. I opened this jar because it was next on the list to be used. But this cream, which claims "only" to be an "All-round eye cream to combat signs of fatigue and early lines and wrinkles" is actually reducing the size of my skin tags! Yes, I have skin tags on my eyelids. Those are annoying to apply makeup but inoffensive and although they are unaesthetical when I where makeup, they can't be removed because they are in such a critical area. Basically, you can't do acid or laser or cryogenie on your eyes. So me and my skin tags have become friends knowing they will be with me for the rest of my life. Suddenly I noticed the biggest one had reduced its size, the only change I've made has been using this cream and THAT wasn't even a claim from this product!
Well, now you knwo how obsessed I am and stalking the beauty stores waiting for the next discount on it because it is a bit expensive.

My September Makeup Obsessions

Norvina Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills

I got this palette in August and I've talked about it here, so read my post f you want to know all the details. I haven't reached for any other palette this month, except for the Blog challenges you usually see. I LOVE it, I could use it every day, it has every colour I need and I'm obsessed about it. (Have you counted how many times I've said "obsessed" in this post?). If you like the brand, you need this palette. No, wait, if you like eyeshadow, you need this palette. That's better.

Wetnwild Liquid matte lipstick in "Behind the Bleachers"*

I got this as a press sample from Wetnwild, I already knew the range of matte lipsticks and I like them a lot, but THIS COLOR! I live for this colour! (there you go, I didn't say "obesessed"). You can see me wearing it in this post here.

Essence Cosmetics I♥Extreme Mascara Design Edition and Velvet Matte lipstick #09

I got these two items a couple of weeks ago and I never expected they would be so good. Essence cosmetics is a very affordable European drugstore brand, it's actually the lowest makeup price you can find in Switzerland. Their range is huge but it is also kind of hit and miss. When the launch good products they are EXCELLENT and when they miss, they can be very bad. This mascara is an absolute hit and it is a  CHOCOLATE BROWN one. I'll be totally honest, I picked it because of the cute packaging with the golden leaves I thought "if anything else fails, I'll be using it to decorate my flat lay pictures, lol". But since I started using it I don't longer rich out for my black mascaras! It gives volume and length, it is dense but it doesn't clump, and the colour makes my eyes pop! I love everything about it.
The lippy was a surprise too because it is the first one I try from the matte range, it is not very long lasting but it is so moisturizing and comfortable, and so forgiving with my chappy lips (which the Wetnwild, isn't, really, it accentuates my dry lips but I prefer the color!). So I've found myself picking it every day and reapplying over the Wetnwild one to give a little moisture without taking away the color!

My September Drinking Obsessions

nu³ Fit Shake Vanilla-Caramel

I started changing a bit my eating habits back in July, in order to get fit and lose some weight. I also started training, "working out" as we say nowadays. I drink a lot more water than I used to, and I have also increased the percentage of proteins I intake because the years of physical inactivity have made my muscles thin and very weak, my muscle mass is 15% smaller than a normal person of my age! So basically, I need to re-build my muscles and excercise won't be enough, so nutrition has to help. I was a bit reluctant of getting those supplements bodybuilders usually take, but I knew a supplement would help me as it is quite hard for me to eat more meat. I am also a bit intolerant to lactose so dairy products couldn't help me. One day I noticed a section in my local grocery store with some supplements (I think intended for vegan people most of them) and spotted this one which seemed both nutritionally interesting for my needs and delicious. I did the right thing busing it! It is an excellent snack right after training and it has quite a bit of proteins and it is actually delicious!
If you are interested in learning more about this product or my new eating habits, let me know so in the comments!

Lipton Daily boost Green tea with Tumeric and Twinings Golden Caramel Rooibos

As a tea lover, I'm always checking the Tea section of my grocery's store (which is quite awesome). I know there are online stores entirely dedicated for tea lovers, but I haven't dared yet! I honestly, don't need a further obsession in mylife hahaha. So I stick to my grocery store and eventually getting some special teas when I travel, as a souvenir of the place. So I recently found this Lipton tea "Daily Boost" with Green tea, lemon verbena, ginger and tumeric and I can't have enough! This is my second box in a month.
As last year, Twinings has re edited their special edition and Golden Caramel Rooibos is my favorite for this time of the year. Last year I was obsessed with it, nothing has changed since! As it is quite expensive, I indulge in a cup when I take a break and I can actually enjoy it at the perfect temperature (moms out there with young children, know what I'm talking about, or how many times do you throw your brew or heat it in the microwave?).


So there you go! Those are my current obsessions! What about you? Is there anything you've been enjoying a lot lately? A product? and outfit? and activity? Don't be shy and let me know about it in the comments!


Products marked with a * were sent to me as press samples. All opinions are my own and 100% honest. This article contains affiliate links.