Hello, beauties! How are you today?
I'm super excited because I recently got my hands on two of the new Real Techniques PowderBleu Collection and I couldn't wait to share my thoughts about it with you!
Sam and Nic have recently launched a new brushes collection that imitates blue squirrel brushes, but has the most accessible pricetag of synthetic brushes. But do these live up to the real thing? If you are a makeup lover, which of course I am, you probably also pay attention to the tools you use, so keep reading about these new brushes and you might be surprised!

 Makeup tools make a great difference in terms of ease of application and final results! My preference goes always to brushes, especially when I'm dealing with powders.
Blue squirrel hair is THE most precious hair for natural bristle brushes. As precious and rare as they are, the pricetag of blue squirrel brushes can go pretty high. But, of course, that is not the only reason why someone would prefer synthetic brushes, many people don't agree with the procedures usd to obtain this hair, or simply they don't use animal derived products as a choice. Should those people renounce to the great quality or there is a valable option?

What Real Techniques has to say 

"Known for its fine filaments, luxurious softness and flawless powder application, blue squirrel hair is one of the rares and softest bristles used in prestige makeup brushes.
Our FauxBleu(TM) Technology uses synthetic bristles engineered to perform as well as blue squirrel hair"

The new PowderBleu Collection 

  • combines soft, long, tapered + unique wavy bristles
  • is optimized for layering powders without disrupting makeup already applied

With this kind of description, my curiosity was immediately aroused, and I ordered two brushes. Besides, the collection is definitly chic and aesthetically pleasing. The bristles are dyed with a gorgeous navy blue and the wooden handles are lacquered with a beautiful gradient from black to midnight blue color. Here are the brushes I got.

B01 Soft Powder Brush

It is conceived to apply powder bronzer or highlighters, or alternatively Loose powder foundations. The large tapered head allows for a quite accurate application and a perfect blending. The bristles are beyond soft and super flexible. I could effortlessly apply my powder without disrupting my foundation base and concealer.
I personally used this brush for bronzer and/or finishing powder, not so much for highlighter, because I find it to be a bit large for that purpose.

B02 Soft Finishing Brush

It is conceived to apply powder blush or highlighter, or alternatively contouring powders. I have used it and loved it for all of those purposes. I say without exaggeration this is now my favorite brush, next to Wayne Goss n°02 brush. they feel equally soft on the skin and they perform very similarly with powders, except that their shape is different. The Real Techniques one spreads a little wider while the Wayne Goss one is more tappered and allows for a more precise application. Other than that they are really similar!

The performance of these brushes totally blown my mind. Seriously, I was a bit sceptical about this "FauxBleu" thing, although I secretly hoped it would work and I wasn't disappointed. I own two real blue squirrel brushes from Wayne Goss, that I a-d-o-o-o-o-r-e. I never thought these new Real Tehcniques would live up to the high standars of powder application I'm used to. But boy, was I wrong. The brushes are easy to wash, the dye doesn't bleed and the hairs haven't shed (I've washed them 3 times to this date). If you like using brushes for your makeup, especially for applying powder bronzer, blush, highlihgter, or set and finishing powders without disrupting your makeup, I'd definitely recommend you to try this new collection by Real Techniques!

What is your favourite way to apply makeup? Are your favourite brushes made of synthetic or natural bristles? What are your thoughts about this new brushes range? Let me know all in the comments section!!