Aug 15, 2017

July 2017 Instagram Recap [Nails, Makeup, Reviews & more]

Hello, sweeties! How are you?

We are almost halfway in August (there is no need to point out how this summer flew by right before our eyes, right?) and I finally found time to gather my ish and write this recap for you. July was a lovely month! My boy finished his first year of kindergarten, he has grown so much! We've been out for dinner a bit more than usual (it was so hot for cooking right? ;) ).

I'd say July was a typical "vacation month", which in our family is not always a positive thing. My hubby had loads of work to do before leaving on vacation, the children had no school, I wanted to prepare stuff in advance for the blog... all of which is anything but relaxing. But we finally left to Italy after the first 3 stressful weeks of July in Switzerland, to spend another stressful week in the countryside of Abruzzo... yes, we weren't there on vacation really, but to solve a series of administrative problems we had.
After which, the real vacation started, we went to the seaside in Emilia Romagna, and started on the right foot with a couple of spritz aperitifs! We stayed in a family-friendly hotel with tons of activities for the children, a terrific swimming pool, a large and comfortable suite, wonderful food, amazing weather, we actually couldn't ask for anything more... although we all wished it lasted a bit longer.
(As most of it happened during the first week of August, I'm leaving those pictures for the next recap!)

Although we were on vacation, it was quite a aproductive month for the blog. I've come up with 5 new nail art designs, created 6 colorful makeup looks, written 4 new reviews and hosted a guest post. I have chosen to leave for later the nail art reviews (I have 8 new items to review!) my hauls (ehmm, there are three of them... hihi), and some other novelties. So there is a lot coming up in the next few weeks!

This month nail related posts:

This month's makeup looks:

 This month's reviews and beauty posts:

There are always some moments and details I only share on Instagram, especially on Instagram stories, so be sure to follow me there! In July I did 3 different makeup tags on my Instagram Stories, and shared what skincare I took with me on vacation on my feed. I've also shared some family moments, food, shopping and random stuff.

I've written 16 new blogposts in July, I think you have some reading to catch up with! LOL Worry not, because my articles average 3 minutes of reading :)

What was your month of July like? Where there hard moments? What about the happy ones? Did you do something new? Don't hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments!!


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