Hello, my lovelies! How are you today?
This weekend we were challenged by the "26 Great Nail Art Ideas" group to make a design inspired by the End of Summer. I didn't have much time to do this manicure but I knew I wanted to use one of the New OPI Iceland Collection polishes. The collection is beautiful and I've swatched it in full, stay tuned because the swatches are coming soon ;)

Just a few moments ago I was saying to my hubby how much I enjoy the End of the summer. All my favourite fruits and veggies are from this, figs, tomatoes, raisins, plums! Also, the nights are a little fresher, so taking a shower after a long day and chilling in the balcony (as opposed as sweating still at midnight in a torrid humidity) yep... definitely better imo! What about you?

Talking of favourite things, this polish is my favourite colour of the latest OPI collection, this beautiful dusty grey-blue with a blue shimmer called "Check out the Old Geysirs", it is rare and special. I painted all my nails with this colour and I stamped on top using China Glaze Harmony and the images from the Born Pretty Store BP-24 stamping plate.

I don't know if I respected the theme "End of summer" I stamped a swallow because usually, their departure means the summer is over. What would you have done to represent the End of summer?

I hope you've liked this simple manicure, and don't hesitate to tell me your opinion in the comments!
Also, don't forget to pay a visit to my challenge mates in the list below!!

Have a wonderful weekend,