Hello my dear readers! Happy Friday to all!!
Today I have for you the 13th Battle of this Challenge which is a battle of Inspiration! Inspired by a dress vs. shoes. So for me it had to be the dress! It's a quite simple wearable silk spring dress I bought last year for my son's baptism, but I love it very much and I decided I wanted to reproduce it on my nails.

So here is the dress:

And these are the polishes I used:

From left to right Chanel Mimosa, Chanel Nouvelle Vague, Chanel Blue Rebel & OPI So Many Clowns so little time (SMCSLT).

I first applied OPI ridge filler, which has a white base, because OPI SMCSLT is quite sheer. I applied 2 coats of the latter. Then with an eyeshadow sponge applicator I applied the other colours trying to
reproduce the design on the dress. I finished with one coat of seche vite. And that's how simple it was!

I was happy with the result and was a little sad to take this off :(
Don't be shy and let me know what your thoughts are about this mani!

Of course, don't forget to check what the other participants have done to their nails to represent this battle!
Citygirl907 (host)


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