Feb 25, 2013

EOTD: Spring look using Catrice Neo Geisha

Hello my dears! how are you doing? I hope you had a fantastic weekend!
I sure did! The birthday party for my baby was perfect! just as I imagined it would be. We all had a lot of fun, specially him!
Today I have a new topic to my blog and is EOTD (eye of the day). As you may know by now, I like makeup in general (not only nail polish) and thought it would be nice to share with you also how I use my makeup and not just the swatches. I had much fun preparing my first EOTD!
But to this there's  a small warning note:

  • I'm NOT a professional makeup artist. I just do with my makeup what I think is flattering for me.
  • I'm a (natural) girl over 30 (with lots of work), so yes I have some wrinkles. Please, don't be shocked! 
  • My skin is very IMperfect. For years now I've been taking much care of it but this is as good as it gets. 
  • I do not photoshop, sorry, do not have time for that.
  • All I have is my trusty cannon and the bathroom light. I'm not a professional photographer
I know there a 1000 better blogs, with young-porcelein-skin ladies doing this 1000 times better than me, but WTH! I'm no competing with them, just want to play with my makeup!
Enough of me babbling, to the pics!

 For this eye look I used the following:
- Urban decay eyeshadow primer potion
- Catrice Neo geisha Absolute eye colour C03 Dance in Gion in the crease and contouring the lower lash line
- Catrice Neo geisha Absolute eye colour C04 Planet Tokyo over the moving eyelid
- NYX a matte vanilla shade from the Naked butt palette (to be swatched soon!) on browbone and inner corner
- Sephora Long lasting eyeliner in 16 black purple over the lash line
- Nyx Doll eye Mascara Volume
- Sigma brushes E60, E55, E70, E40

The Catrice eyeshadows are quite pigmented, I'm sure many have seen the display and thought the green is too brigh! In fact it is. But if you give it a little blending I think is a very wearable look.

Bonus mirror-pic of me (with unruly hair) climbed to a chair trying to catch the light of the bathroom tube! LOL!
Hope you had fun!


  1. Ciao Nati!
    Nice to see you so close up! :D
    I think this looks lovely! Well done!
    Baci cara!

    1. Thanks Jezzica! I appreciate your support. baci, xx

  2. Salut Nati, whoa, how classy, love it. And lovely to see your face :-) Bisous

    1. Salut Christine! Thanks for your sweet comment!

  3. Anonymous25/2/13 21:29

    I love the green. I am a total sucker for greens, I always fall for them. And this one is no different :-)

    1. Hi Melissa, thanks for commenting. This green is nice, but it definitely needs the primer to stay put!

  4. se te ve muy bonito, con qué color de ropa lo combinaste? crema, ami me de pavor el color, los colores que escogiste son muy suaves y se ve bien. yo lo por lo general no sé como jugar con el maquillaje , aveces evito las sombras por lo mismo, y me ataco solo a cremas y dorados para no meter la pata de pies a cabeza.

    1. Ay, Andrea! No hay mucho secreto en los colores de sombras, yo por ejemplo solo me guío por lo que me gusta. Pero si tienes como un millón de videos en youtube para sacar las técnicas. Yo no puedo aplicar cualquier técnica porque tengo los ojos bastante hundidos hacia adentro, así que necesito poner un color claro o perlado sobre la parte interna del párpado. Cada quién tiene que conocer lo que le gusta y le queda mejor!! Gracias por leer y comentar!

    2. la verdad es como la parte superior de mi parpado móvil es algo pronunciado no es muy grueso ,pero no me gusta como queda con muquillage me limito a ponerlo en el parpado fijo.He visto muchas técnicas pero hasta el momento no he conseguido a alguien que tenga el mismo tipo de ojo.
      De nada leo con gusto :)


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