Feb 26, 2013

Polished Polyglot on Facebook!

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Hello my dears! How are you doing today?
I have good news for the blog, Polished Polyglot has now a facebook account, yay!
I thought it was about time to get me into facebook, so if you are into it and find it practical to follow blog updates via Facebook, you can click here and like my page.

Thanks, loads of love!
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  1. te hice un like al facebook tuyo

  2. Cool I've liked your FB page now! :-)

  3. Yay! I've also though about getting a fb-page but then again I don't know I would got the time to maintain it :D

  4. Ciao cara!
    I must find you and like you! :D
    Maybe I'll get a page to for my blog...
    Do you have both a blog account and a personal account?


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