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Hello my dears! If you're somebody who reads the news, you must be already informed the Catholics have a new Pope. I've already said here I'm a Catholic, and I'm quite proud the chosen person to be the next Pope is also an Argentinian, like me.

Well, you might wonder what does this has to do with anything. It probably has no connection with this blog, but it does to my life. For the past months
I've been sharing a lot from my personal life with you, and my religion is a part of it. Not that I'm fundamentalist or anything! I consider myself an open and respectful person, and I respect and even admire all kinds of religions and even people who don't have one. I would hate a world where everyone thinks and feels the same, I'm in for diversity! What really bothers me is the conflict and even the violence that diversity might result in when taken to the extremes.

What many people are expecting from the new Pope is unity, reforms that would take Christianity to a renovated and open minded way of being. Many of us have the impression the World evolves and the Church is not following. While some priests do, the solid core structure of the church remains "old-dated". I have high hopes in the new Pope, because he knows the suffering of a world very different from the one we know in the Northern countries. He knows how "real life" is like. He's the first Pope from the Americas, therefore, the first Latinamerican one. He's also the first Jesuit, which is a religious order devoted to help the poor and needed, and that has been very important in the Latinamerican history, they were the first to think the people needed to be organised and educated and not slaved. The Jesuit was an order that was ban from the Catholic church for half a century because they "thought differently". For all this background my hopes are very high.

This man, now Pope, who never owned a car, was travelling on the subway until last week, talking with people like you and me.  That's what I've been waiting for my church. A renewed era. I really hope the whole apparatus will not drawn the personality of Francis I. To wish him all the best and show my support and my faith, I'm dedicating a white mani to him.
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