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Hello my lovelies! How are you doing? I'm very excited today because I want to show you one of my recent purchases, it's the latest Dior Summer nail lacquer duo for tips and toes. This is part of the new Summer 2013 makeup collection Birds of Paradise,
should be available by now pretty much every where they sell Dior makeup.

To be honest I love EVERYTHING in this collection! I could spend a fortune on this makeup. But to start with I picked the nail lacquer duo at Manor's because last week they were having everything -10%.

There's two nail polsih duos in this collection, I chose n°001 Samba, which contains a turquoise creme, leaning to acqua green (very close to Essie Turquoise & caicos) with the number #402, and and intense sparkling teal, kind of metallic finish, with extra fine golden shimmer with the number #794, which I find so exotic and summery! This is the one I'm showing today. Stay tuned to see swatches (and comparisons) of the other shade really soon.

This polish was very easy to apply, formula is not too thick or too thin, and the brush is good (like the standard new Dior brush, and no the old chunky one). you need two coats for total opacity. I'm wearing it with a coat of seche vite, because I'm planning on leaving it for as long as it holds! I love this shade, and the sun out there makes it look even more gorgeous.

I'm so happy I got this one, I was hesitating, but I don't have any dupes in my stash. The closest shade in my collectionis a very old one from Astor (n°66) but it needs like 4 coats to be opaque and it leans a a little bit more to blue than to green. But is very very close, so if you have it you may not need the Dior one. It comes really pricey.

Have you spotted the new Dior Collection? Anything about it that appeals to you? What do you think about the nail polish shades? Do you know of other possible dupes?
Please, do not hesitate to share your thoughts!

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