Hello my dears, happy Saturday! Where did this week go? It's the weekend again!! Well, not that I'm complaining but just have the impression the time passes too quickly.
For today I have another of my favourite products this Spring, I totally fell in love with this Purifying mask from Shiseido, because
of the way my skin feels and look after using it. This product is formulated with Marine mineral clay, many purifying masks got clay, but this one it's so comfortable on the skin, you tend to forget you have it on. Well, basically you apply it over the face except your eyes area, wait 5 minutes and rinse it off with water and it takes away your sebum and impurities. I like it because it is an efficient purifying but it does not dry out my skin extremely as other masks of this kind can do. Using it regularly, 2-3 times per week, I've notice an improvement in the quality of my skin and I would say it contributes to my pores be refined as well.
I haven't taken pictures of before and after, because I thought the effect would not really be showing, since it's a product that needs to be used several times, as a treatment. But, I do have a pic with the mask on, just to amuse you and make ridiculous of myself, lol!

I got mine at Mariaunnaud for about 30 CHF (instead of 50 CHF) in January when most sales were going on, and for some reason I only started using it recently. I love this mask so much, if I had to rate it for me it'd be 10/10, and I never give 10 to a product unless is perfect for me. So I'd say Shiseido, well done!

Is there any skin care products you love as much? I'd love to know what it is!
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