Hi again my dears! I'm bringing you another fun mani I made for this terrific Challenge.
So the lovely lady behind the blog Love for nail art, did a mani for this very challenge back in March that I found gorgeous, she also made a tutorial! Check it out here. I followed step by step the instructions and this was the result.

First I applied a base coat, then painted diagonal arches from the cuticle to the tip, alternating my selected colours : H&M Bella's choice (turquoise), Clic #465 (neon pink) and Clic  #006 (neon orange). On my ring fingernail I did the same arches but from the tip tu the cuticle, to give it a little "accent". Then I drag the desired shaped with a needle, sealed it with topcoat and tada!!!!!!!!! (Tip: It's important to do one nail at the time, because if the polish dries you cannot drag it with the needle.)

I like the result very much, except I bumped a little my ring fingernail when it was still wet, can you notice? I tried to fix it but it's visible. Well, next time it'll be better.

I find this a very practical idea for those who love the looks of a "water marble" mani, but don't want to struggle with it (I think I'll never ever try this technique!). It's too much time consuming and too many things to be prepared in order to succeed. I prefer saving all that energy for other stuff, lol!
Let me know your thoughts! And please, don't hesitate to visit the other creations made by all the participants.