Spring Favourites: Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet La favorite (+ swatches update)

Happy Saturday my lovelies! I hope you're enjoying your weekend!
I don't know what it is with this man I married, but whatever he gets me becomes a favourite of mine! So either I cherish specially what he gives me, either he has a great taste. Could be both!
Whatever, I'm babbling here. The point is I can't get enough of this lipstick. I find it appropriate for every occasion, despite it being quite bright, and I love how it
applies, the pact that has a matte finish and still very creamy. Well, what else can I say, no wonder they called it "La favorite"!!

please, excuse my very dry, chappy lips

Is there any lipstick you love specially this season? Please, tell me! I'd love to know.


  1. Salut Nati!!! I exactly know what you mean, anything I get from my love is holding a favorite place in my drawers and my heart. As with regard to taste - after all those years together our tastes got more and more symbiotic <3!!! But on to the lipstick of the day - it is "très chic", I love the color!!! I haven't worn any lip adornment except Blistex lip Balm for the past decade BUT I just last Tuesday bought two (could not decide) lip gloss from the new Dior Addict Collection and am smitten!!! They are the first in ages that don't peel away my lips and they come unscented - you too contributed your share to give lip decoration a new chance xxx plenty of Bisous and a BIG thank you <3

    1. Salut ma chère, we're both quite lucky with our boys, aren't we? Oh I saw the new Dior lipglosses they're just to die for. Which ones have you chosen? I could not make up my mind... when I'm in front of novelties as gorgeous as those, I lose it a bit, so the best thing to do is to go back home before buying too many of them, lol!
      I'm a bad girl, bad, bad influence on you, ha ha ha
      gros bisous!

    2. Ehem I admittedly went a bit overboard but then I justified my buys with having bought 0,00 lipsticks in a decade :-S!!! I went for a nude with sparkle, an orange with highshine and a red sparkle (I need a contur pen for this one)!!! And yes, I went back to get more ;-P. Oh well, I am so undisciplined sometimes!!! And thank you for all your wonderful influence, I really feel fully dressed now!!! Bisous

  2. Is un color fuerte parece pero que lindo el gesto de tu hubby

  3. ahora con fotos me encanta mas, es un color muy lindo, ahora entiendo lo que dices que se puede usar en cualquier ocasión.

    1. Andrea, me había olvidado las fotos! puedes creer qué cabeza... lo peor es que la publicación estaba programada, pero siempre chequeo para ver si todo sale bien, y yo miraba... y me parecía que faltaba algo, pero no caía en la cuenta... ay, pues, sí faltaban las fotos!
      Es bastante brillante pero es un coral muy lindo.


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