Hello my dears! How are you enjoying your weekend?
For me, It's time for another eye makeup look!
I have much fun playing with my eyeshadow palettes and finding ways to use all the colours. As I'm not  a pro or anything, I just do this for the fun, but I also want my looks very wearable, because I'm not precisely going on a runway, so very sophisticated looks (which I find beautiful) simply don't match my style or my eye shape.
Today I'd like to show you a look I created using NYX Be Free palette, more specificlly the green-ish shades. My aim is to prove one can make all colours wearable for everyday life, even for the office.

For this look I used:

- Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion 
- NYX eyeshadow palette Be free,
- NYX Eye/eyebrow pencil 901 Black
- NYX Doll eye Mascara Volume
- Sigma brushes E55 (Eye shading), E30 (Pencil brush), E40 (Tapered blending), E70 (Medium angled shading)
I chose the following colours:

(note the numbers in red) 1 as base for the mobile lid, 2 blended near both lash lines to give more light and intensity to the colour, 3 blended in the outer corner and crease, 4 blended with rest in the inner corners of the eyes.
I dotted with black pencil next to the lash roots (upper lid) and totally smudged and blended it. I didn't want a harsh black line, but just some depth to define the eye. This is a great pencil to do that because it's very creamy and blendable. I recommend it also for defining eyebrows (not maybe in black but in brown) because it's so soft and blending it with a brush the final look is very natural.
I'm happy with this palette, I was fearing some major fall out since the shades are really soft, and it was not the case! I was really surprised because the green (2) and deep slate (3) are so pigmented, I barely apply any and had a great payoff. Of course you can pack this shades for a bold look, but that's not what I was looking for today.

I leave you a bonus miror-picture with a funny face, and bare lips & nails, just to show you how the whole thing looks, not shocking at all, despite using  green!

I hope you had fun, I really did! Let me know your thoughts in the comments! I'd love to know whether you wear greens on the eyes, and if you do what is your favourite brand ?
Have a wonderful Sunday!

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