May 26, 2013

NOTD: China Glaze Galactic grey & triangle studs*

*One or more items of this article were sent to me for my honest unbiased review.

Hello Lovelies! How was your weekend? Have you done something special this weekend? We were working on some house improvement and planning our summer holidays. Well, it's not certain yet if we'll actually leave on holidays, but in the case we do we'll go to Italy. It'd be great! Fingers crossed for it to become true!

Today I have for you a wonderful polish I couldn't stopped staring at: China Glaze Galactic Grey from the Hologlam collection. I tell you I love this polish. Is a holo but being a dark shade of grey it's not too much in your face. What? Grey? Yes! This must be the only shade of grey ever that looks acceptable on me. It is more like a gun metal kind of grey.

I love this shade for summer, it is also quite chic on its own. I added some triangle shaped studs sent to me by KKCenterHK store the look is a little bit punk-ish. Don't you think?
I love how the studs look combined with the grey polish. For this mani I painted two coats of Galactic Grey, no toap coat, and added a stud on each nail using a drop of nail glue to hold it. The regular triangle studs (NNAIL-DRN637) mesure 5mm, they're metallic and lay flat, because they don't have the curve the natural nail has, and they're rather big. I like them this way, but I strongly recommend using nail glue, because I don't think they'll hold on topcoat only.

These are not as "wearable" as the butterfly decoration I showed last week. In fact these studs only made it  3 hours through my normal life on my nails (that includes taking care of a baby, house hold tasks, etc.) The fact that the edges remain flat make them prone to be caught on things, clothes, etc. And that's what happened to me. So next time I'm going to use them only when going out at night, or for some occasion.
So what do you think of this mani? Do you like yourself some nail art 3D decoration? Let me know your opinions on this one!


P.S. Don't forget you can get 10% discount at KKCenterHK by entering polished-polyglot code at checkout.

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  1. It looks awesome, but right after I saw the first picture I thought "she wasn't wearing that for long..." :-)

    1. You were so right, Aglaya!

  2. Super originales, me encantan las uñas con tachuelas un beso!!!

    1. Gracias por tu comentari Pily! A mi también me encantan, pero estas son demasiado grandes y duran poco.

  3. You should try bending them a bit over a pencil or something to make them lay more smooth on your nails. :D

    1. I tried to be honest, but they're really sturdy, and wouldn't bend easily, but trying hard to bend them they would lose the 3D effect :(

  4. The grey indeed looks awesome - it's a wonderful shade.
    As for the super cute studs you could maybe bend the tips a bit to make it more round and thus adaptable to your nail format ;) (I've seen some blogger do this :) hope it helps you using these for more than a couple hours **)

  5. Me encanta adoro los studs y el color de esmalte que escogiste bello, tentada de buscar unos studs en BPS ,pero no sé si se quedan largo?

  6. Anonymous27/5/13 19:26

    Those little stud thingies would be on the floor in no time with me, lol... But the whole mani sure looks cool! :-)


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