Happy Saturday my lovelies! Hope you're all enjoying a fantastic and/or relaxing weekend!
Today I want to share with you another of my favourite lip products, it's NYX Soft matte lip cream in the shade "Milan". This is not a new product, in fact it has been available for the past two years or so, and it's still available.

This product has a creamy texture and it applies with a sponge ended wand as many regular lipglosses. It has a very subtle scent, a little butter vanilla like, but nothing too strong, and once on the lips the scent fades being hardly noticeable. It is a quite opaque formula, so one small amount is enough even for my naturally pigmented lips. This product is not moisturizing, and it dries out the lips a little, so if you have naturally dry lips, this might not be great for you. I always apply some lip balm beneath the colour and the matter is solved. I like of it that it's quite long lasting, despite being a drugstore brand as it lasts a decent 6-8 hours on me, but it does not resist eating or drinking. I think this is available for around 5USD, I bought mine in Cherry Culture store.

For some strange reason this Spring I can't have enough of "matte" lips. This is so unusual for me because I'm mostly the "glossy lip" type of girl. Specially for Spring. For some stupid preconceived idea I used to think velvet textures suit better the coldest seasons. I do not know where I got that thinking, but I guess my brain makes some strange connection between "velvet", "thick clothes" and "matte shades". Whatever.

This is also a very unusual shade for me. I very rarely (read never) wear pink lips. My favourite shades are coral, intense red, wines and sometimes toasted shades. Ok, this is a more "tea rose" kind of pink, so not straight forward pink, and I guess that's why I like it so much! This baby is always in my purse!
What do you think about this product? Do you like some matte lips for Srping? Do you own any Soft matte lip cream by NYX or any other brand?