What I'd like to share with you today is an oldy but goody from China glaze: Flying Dragon. this colours is a little controverted because as far as I know there are two versions of it, one is the "neon" version and it's the one I own.

This is a pretty fantastic shade a magenta-purple with blue and pink glitter dust. The particularity of this polish is it dries to a matte finish, that makes the shade look dusty indeed (I was going to say "dull" but thought it was so negative, it's not that bad). BUT when you apply a topcoat: boom! there's why they call it "neon". I don't see it neon, still quite bright, I like it much better with topcoat. So much better that : I forgot to photograph it without topcoat! So you have to take my word on its looks until I wear it again and update this post with a proper topcoat-less picture.

The pictures show two coats of Flying dragon with one coat of Mavadry. The formula on this one is good, nice to apply. It applies like a jelly at first, but it dries pretty fast to a matte finish. You need two coats to reach opacity.
Do you own this shade? how do you like it better, with or without topcoat? (for those who own it)
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