I'm so freaking late with answering to your comments!! But I do read them! I receive each and everyone by e-mail and I check it regularly. I appreciate so much all your sweet comments! You girls are THE BEST. You always make my days sweeter with your kindness and support. I appreciate it so deeply.

Here is the thing. I'm a mom who's also trying to get the Master post-degree in "Science du langage et de la communication". Yep in French. That's already a challenge for me. So I'm working my a*s off to get most of the work done during the hours my baby does not need me, he's the sweetest little guy, but he's still young and needs his mummy. So I often work late in the evenings and early in the mornings, and that leaves my days without time for blogging :( I always try to catch up the most blogging during the weekends.

But you all know, there are times in life we need to set priorities, and getting my diploma is one priority over blogging, and it also is taking care of my baby. This doesn't mean I don't love you to pieces!! This means that for the next 6 weeks or so you'll have to be patient and do not get angry against me if I can't answer to you or read your blogs as often as I wish. It's in fact a big temptation! But I have to keep focused on my work if I want to succeed.

I know you understand, and I appreciate all your patience and support! You're the best!