Hello again lovelies!! I wasn't planning to post today, but something so so so cool just happened that I had to post! I was studying when the post man rang to my bell and I went *gorsh, can't they just leave that at the mail box??!!!* "madame, we need a signature". Well, ok, the interruption was so worthy when I opened the package to find I received a booklet of the OPI San Francisco Collection for Fall 2013 in French, and 3 of the 15 polishes with a nice card from the OPI PR for Switzerland!

The polishes I got are: Haven't the Foggiest, a wonderful silver foil,  In the Cable car-pool lane, which is a sultry plum creme, and Alcatraz... rocks a unique mix of glittery gorgeousness.

I immediately took off my old and chipped polish to paint my nails with OPI Alcatraz... Rocks, one of the new "Liquid sand" polishes in the collection.

Application was a dream, very easy to work with I had almost no clean-up, and it was completely opaque in two coats. Alcatraz ... Rocks, really rocks! It's one of those "special" shades really difficult to pin down, multicolour glitter with a predominance of gold and copper (at least to my eye), some magenta, purple and blue, on a somewhat grey-ish /blue/murky purple base. But it's really hard to describe. Pictures say it better.

I went a little overboard taking picture, I know... but it looked so lovely I couldn't help myself, lol.
I know how annoying posts about collections previews can be, with 1'000 times the same bottle pictures, so I made a short slide view of the whole collection just if you're interested in seeing what the 15 new shades look like in their bottles.

The San Francisco Collection will be available in Switzerland on 25th July 2013, all the shades will be part of the permanent range, except for the liquid sands that are limited edition. The recommended retail price is CHF 23.90 each (about 25 USD). Don't hesitate to let me know your thoughts about this shade! I'll swatch the other two colours in the next few days, so stay tuned!! Love, Nati