Hello my lovelies! How are you doing? Two months have past since the last time I shared on my "empties" with you. So today I took photos of what was in "the empties bag" -a plastic bag where I keep my emptie containers waiting for the bi-month sum up- and this is what I got. Is not as much as the previous months for two reasons: I'm using less makeup and nail polish because I'm sooo busy studying I hardly find the time :( and I'm using a lot of huge sizes cosmetics: The body shop shower gel in 750 ml is an exemple: it takes ages to go through it!! But that is nicer to my wallet :)

So into the items I used up on May and June:

Body Care
  • Neutrogena Mosturizing body lotion For dry skin: a very nice body lotion, without scent, it applies wonderfully and sinks in easily without leaving a greasy feeling. I'm giving it 7/10 for two reasons: is not the appropriate care for my dry skin, a few hours after application I'm feeling my skin "thirsty" again AND the way the container is shaped, and the pump system does not allow you to use all the product!! Repurchase: certainly not. I want to be able to use what I pay for.
  • Lush Scratch!!! Solid sugar scrub: This is said to stimulate circulation. With fennel and ginger against cellulite.  It^s not the first time I use it, it is a great scrub indeed! I have not noticed a huge change on cellulite, but believe me my case is not going to be solved with any kind of scrub. My skin does feel a lot nicer though! Downside: is quite tricky to use, indications say you should brake a piece of it and mix it with water forming a paste to scrub, but it is soooo difficult to cut a piece without using a butcher's knife! and because of its shape you never get equal portions, and you better forget to use it in one piece, because once it's wet, sugar dissolves and it loses its scrubbing power, so it's kind of a waste. Only for that reason I'm giving 7/10, but I'd still repurchase it.
  • Biotherm Lait de douche Cleansing shower milk enriched with ultra-mosturizing agents and citrus essences. Nice feeling on the skin after using it, very mosturizing, BUT I don't like the scent is too "lemony" ut not in the way I like, for that reason I give it a 7/10 an I won't repurchase it.
  • Burberry Burberry Body Eau de parfum: this was a pleasure to use for the first three weeks, after which I started to get tired. But that's not the fault of the perfume, but of the user, lol! The truth is with higher temperatures I had the impression the scent was vanishing. Not that I smelled bad or anything like that, but I just could not feel the scent on me after one hour of application. All in all is a nice fragrance, and this is so subjective but I'm giving it a 7/10 and won't repurchase it.
 Face care:

  • Cherry Culture Chocolate lipbalm lip treatment for natural and luscious lips. This is a nice lipbalm, regular one, the scent is delicious and does what other regular lipbalms, nothing amazing. I have tons of them in different scents because the are freebies from Cherry culture.
  • Bvlgari Radiance Cleansing cream For all skin types. This is one great product that I regret so much it has been discontinued. In fact the cosmetic line of Bvlgari had a short life during 2010 and 2011, and as it couldn't penetrate the market they decided to discontinued the whole line. It's one of the best cream cleansers I've tried. It deserves a 9/10 just because is no longer available.
  • Nivea visage Cleansing refreshing wipes For normal to combination skin. To be honest I only use this wipes for swatching! lol. Yep, when I swatch on my hands or arms it is handy to have some wipes, these have done their job, but as I haven't used them in the "proper" way (on face) I can't really judge them. I got them because they were chep. I give it a 6/10 and would probably repurchase them.
Hair care

  • Raush Wheat germ nourishing rinse conditioner Repairs dry and brittle hair, giving smothness and shine. This is a good one, not excellent, but it does what it says and I always come back to it. It gets 8/10 because is nothing too special, but I'll surely repurchase it.
  • Bonacure Volume Boost shampoo Cleanses and boosts the volume of fine and delicate hair. I did a review on this one. I was pretty happy with the volume results, only downside, after several weeks of use I found my hair was a little dry, so I thought I should give it a break and use something different for a while. I give it a 7/10 and will repurchaseas soon as I go through my current shampoo.

  • NYX Above & beyond Full Coverage concealer Light  weight, crease free. Provides smooth, long lasting coverage in CJ04 Beige. It does what it says, I personally love it because it matches my 3 favourite foundations perfectly, and it really works on my skin despite the fact that the area around my eyes is quite dry, so everything tends to crack on it. The pot is cheap and it lasts very long time, because only little is needed. The only downside is that is not as longlasting as I'd like it to be, so I need touch ups after 6-7 hours if I want to look perfect. For me it's 9/10 and I have already a backup!!
  • Benefit Bad gal Plum eye color intensifying mascara. It is a really nice mascara, gives volume to my lashes, not much length, but as I like it for day looks, it doesn't really matter. I like the brush and the colour is great for making green eyes pop. It's sensitive eyes-friendly. I give it an 8/10and would repurchase it, but for now I have 4 unopened mascaras (!!).
  • Make up Forever Brush cleanser Purifying Brush Cleanser. Rinse-free formula. 210ml, I litteraly cried when this one finished. This is not only the best brush cleanser I have tried, it was my life-saver. Cleaning my makeup brushes after each application has totally revolutioned my makeup routine AND my skin. A lot less acne problems, since we know bacteria holds to makeup tools, and this product has alcohol which helps eliminate bacteria. If you have acne prone skin: PLEASE clean your tools EVERY TIME you makeup. Professionals already know that, but girls like you and me, think: why disinfect, I'm the only one using it... and stuf like that. The only problem is that it's not available where I live. We do not have Sephora (to my knowledge) I bought mine in Italy and it has lasted more than one year, so it was a very convenient purchase. I give it a 10/10 and now you know what my empty suitcase is for when I'll go to Italy this summer ;) lol

  • Mavala Eau emolliente cuticle remover is genius. It is the first cuticle remover I tried and it works so well for me I never felt the need to try anything else! I simply can't think of my manicure routine without it. it's a 9/10 just because I find it pricey. but I have already repurchased it!
  • Essence Nail art nail polish remover ultra acetone-free. I have already describe what I think of this one here. The only remark is I have only used up ONE bottle in two months!!! that shows how little I have done my nails lately. 9/10 Repurchase: Yes.
  • Mavala Mavadry Manicure time-saver, enhaces colour. This does not do what it says: time saver my a**. It is just a topcoat, but it is not fast drying in my opinion. On the good side is tha tyou can use until the very last drop without it being gloopy at all and it really adds shine to the polish. I give it a 5/10 and I won't repurchase it.
I have also used a couple of freebies (and some others I threw away without photographing) 
  • Dior Capture Totale Creme multiperfection visage a cou
  • Dior Capture Totale Soin régard multiperfection
These were both really perfection, more than that "multiperfection"! Unfortunatelly I can't afford this kind of skin care, but if you can I'd totally recommend it!
  • La bastidane repairing hand cream. nothing great, a lousy copy of L'Occitane brand, but the product does not deliver the same results.
  • The Body shop Shea body Lotion I've loved this one and it's on my shopping list!
I hope you enjoy as much as I have enjoyed writing this post. I have finish less products this time, but I have many opened items currently, so I'm sure next time ther'll be a lot more.
Let me know if you have used any of these products and what are your thoughts about it!